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For the writings of Ellen G. White – The Spirit of Prophecy Publications from the Ellen G. White Estate.




Exceptional website presenting multimedia history of the Seventh-Day Sabbath.  Complete timeline of Sabbath issues through-out history.   Presented by Seventh-Day Adventists.

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Practical preparation covered for “The Crisis Ahead”, for all Americans, and Seventh-Day Adventists in particular.    From the pen of inspiration, “The whole universe is looking with inexpressible interest to see the closing work of the great controversy between Christ and Satan.  We who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise.”  E.G. White  


The links below are recommended websites for related historical information, general health, safety and astronomy.


The website of Dr. Len Horowitz, Harvard PhD. in health, and Messianic Jew.   This is an important health related website for information to protect your personal health and family health, 


One of the best survival books and equipment resources, for your peace of mind in the days ahead.


One of the two best monthly astronomy secular publications for the amateur/layman astronomer.  For anyone with a general interest in the lights in the heavens.


One of the premier astronomy clubs in the USA.  Great articles, great amateur photos and general information of the monthly night sky. 


Updates on solar activity, auroral activity, atmospheric phenomena, and lists of currently observable near Earth asteroids.