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From the ABC Night Line program of May 17, 2007. The planned North American Union (NAU/NAFTA) super-highway planned to go through the center of New Mt. Carmel property, diagonally, destroying homes, new meeting facility, and small graveyard.  For the full story click on link below or copy and past into address bar.  Currently, the NAFTA super-highway plans have been suspended due to public protest in Texas.  


The Dallas Morning News video link below, recorded at New Mt.Carmel, March 2007.  Click on link or copy and paste into address bar and click return/enter.


1994 through 1996: The initial reclaiming of New Mount Carmel property by Branch church members after the government clean-up.   The author of this site, along with two others, made an investigative visit to the property in August of 1994 to learn about the clean-up operation, the status of the New Mt. Carmel property and together initiated resettlement of the property. All former members were contacted who had not been connected with Vernon Howell, also beginning a long series of yearly meetings at New Mt. Carmel in 1995 onward, to re-establish the original movement as best we could at the time, first in a series of tent meetings twice yearly, then in the renovated dairy barn at the back of the property. 

Government clean-up operations, and restricted access to the NMC burn area continuing through the end of 1994, when the containment fence was removed by the government contractors. The first solemn assembly meetings to reorganize the movement are convened in the spring of 1995, recounting and proclaiming the history of the Advent Movement of 1844 to the present, presenting the reasons for the climactic Divine Judgment of April of 1993 (see Psalm 80).  The emergent or reorganized movement, after the 1993 judgment, is named "The Branch -YHWH (The LORD) Our Righteousness." (Jer. 23:5,6 & 33:15, 16), under the "Joshua of today" (1TG 8:24), as we understand TODAY, with the Holy Spirit Herself as the Divine Head of the movement, and will never follow a "man", or human leader, ever again!  It would take 20 long years, from 1994 (the end of the government clean-up, and the fourth year of the Luke 13:7,8 prophecy), for this truth to emerge in The Branch, to fully develop, to bring the true and full reality (2014),

In 1995, many invitations were sent throughout the Advent Movement, to the Seventh-Day Adventist General Conference, to every known SDA reform organization, to Davidian (DSDA) groups and to all known Branch members for the reorganization effort that began in 1994, to tell the whole story and the whole truth of The Branch Movement, particularly the historical events that lead up to the Divine  judgment on the movement in April of 1993, the purpose and meaning of these events to the greater Advent Movement.

The beginning of the circumstantial and spiritual warfare in The Branch Movement was first manifested against the Divine Daughter Message that was first understood at Passover 1981, then presented formally in 1984, during the week of Passover at New Mount Carmel, April 17, 1984, by Charles Pace, bypassing Lois Roden's spiritual authority also.  Two of Lois Roden's students at that time, the author of this site being the other one, came to Mt. Carmel that spring and summer of 1984 to help her get reestablished in her publishing ministry that had been put on hold because of the destructive work of Vernon Howell, from June of 1983.  It was the rejection of a new message of truth, as far back as Passover 1981, a composite message that emerged in The Branch, of a Divine Mother and  Divine Daughter (with Child), evidenced in the Book of Revelation, chapter 12, verses 1 & 2, a controversial message indeed (Jer. 30:5-7), precipitating the initial events that set the stage for Vernon Wayne Howell [a.k.a. David Koresh] to grasp his opportunity of assumed authority and acceptance by many in the movement, manifesting the predicted curse upon the New Name of Messiah (see statement below).

This prophesied curse was brought upon The Branch, upon Christ Himself, upon His Message and Movement that bore His New Name.  In this manner, the Only-Begotten Son of the Most High was “crucified afresh” [for the corporate sin of the church, for all apostasy] near the end of days. Ben Roden prophesied in 1958, in Branch Lesson #3 page 12, that this “curse” upon the New Name of Messiah would take place, just as Yahshua, Christ Jesus, the Only Begotten Son, took on the curse for all humanity 2000 years ago for original sin and all the personal sin of humanity. 

As quoted from Ben Roden:

"The sad part is that type reveals that Judah (antitypical or "spiritual" Judah, in the church, the Advent Movement, DSDA, the BDSDA, honestly, basically all of us!) will again crucify the BRANCH (will crucify Christ again).  Since the BRANCH is not a person but Christ, Inspiration reveals they crucify Christ by rejecting His message - the BRANCH.  This is what Davidians also say:

"Just as Christ was crucified, so the Two Witnesses will be killed. And as Christ was resurrected,so the Two Witnesses will be raised...The prophecy of Revelations 11 shows that Christ in our day in the form of His Truth, His Word, is to be crucified afresh at the hands of His professed people and that the Truth will be raised in glorious exaltation and victory and to the shame of its enemies." The Symbolic Code, March 1956,Vol. 11 #5 pp 13, 14.  Lesson #3 p. 12, Benjamin L. Roden. (paren. added). Bold emphasis added.

Mid April of 2006, the New Name Stone is erected at the entrance of New Mt. Carmel.

April 19, 2006, the 13th anniversary of the Waco holocaust, the New Name stone is dedicated and anointed at the New Mt. Carmel entrance by church members.

Local news coverage by KWTX of Waco, of the April 19 memorial service, reports that "a new church has taken over" the Mt. Carmel headquarters.

A new church building was erected by the Texas Militia in 1997 on the burn site of the building destroyed by the government in 1993. Project completed thorough extensive donations, labor and materials, called for by a Austin Radio talk show host, Alex Jones.

Official recognition of a new Branch church at New Mt. Carmel by the local press on April 19th, 2006, in the Waco Tribune-Herald story on April 20. The re-established Branch Assembly returned to the property in 1996, per this eyewitness account, with the purpose of telling the spiritual side of the story of The Branch movement and all the events that lead up to the 1993 judgment.

Fall of 2010:

Various building projects begin on New Mt. Carmel.  Heavy equipment is brought in for clearing large sections of the property for RVs and portable housing for the expected church expansion in the advancing national and international economic decline.  Various building projects are initiated that include a representative stone gate entrance and the completion of the stone memorial near the front gate.

Summer and Fall of 2010:

Initial video taping of new documentary by an international film crew of the property renovation and movement history, with an emphasis of the spiritual dimension of the 1993 judgment upon the Branch Davidians by international government forces.  First documentary to be released in the spring of 2011.

December of 2010:

CNN film crew arrives for a week long series of documentary interviews of the Koresh survivors who live in Waco and New Mt. Carmel residents, also to witness and video the NMC renovation projects.  Documentary release late winter or early spring 2011.

...To be continued.