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The Great Second Advent Movement 1844

The WORD of The Creator as found in the Old Testament and The New Testament Scriptures is the only rule of faith for each of the THREE phases of The Advent Movement since 1844.  This Book from antiquity upheld by almost all Christians today or Judeo-Christians, is a document based on  the validated ancient manuscripts going back 3000 years.   Secondly, the key book to Adventists in general that explains in modern language the events of sacred history for the last two thousand years, since the time of Christ's first Advent, was written by Ellen G. White.   Links to her book, The Great Controversy, to read online from various sources or to purchase a copy, are found in the links below. 

The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White 
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The season of “Advent” is an important yearly feast in early December for all Roman Catholics, and in some Protestant traditions, with the approach of Christmas every year, nevertheless, it should not be confused with the historical Great Second Advent Movement of 1843 - 1844, in the United States and world-wide, going back to 1840 and before, through the evangelistic work of William Miller in the northeastern United States, teaching of the soon visible second coming of Christ, the Second Advent of Christ, in the clouds of heaven, based upon the prophecies in the Book of Daniel, chapter 8.  William Miller’s work culminated in the Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844.  You may read about the history of the Great Second Advent Movement in the following links, particularly in the book The Great Controversy, by Ellen White.   You may read the book on-line at the link provided at the end here.  

For an overview of the book, The Great Controversy, see:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Controversy_(book)

Also, below, a link to an early Adventist book by one of the pioneers gives the extensive and comprehensive history of the Movement in the 1840s and beyond.  This historical Movement of prophetic destiny answered to the extensive prophecy in the Book of Revelation, chapter 14, the messages of the First, Second and Third Angels in their initial phase, up to verse 9 (1844).  From verses 14 to the end of the chapter brings to view the second part of this prophetic history, the Three Angels’ messages in their REPEAT phase, from 1930 to the present day, which this site explains in some detail. 

The year 1930 began the “repeat” of the Three Angels, in the last half of Revelation 14.   The Shepherd’s Rod message (1930) was the repeat of the First Angel’s message, with considerable new light for the church in preparation for the Judgment for the Living (GC490), the second sealing message for the 144,000, the soon approach of the Firstfruit Gospel harvest, for the "latter days", for our time.   The Branch message came on the scene in 1955, only a few months after the passing of Victor Houteff.  The Branch message was the repeat of the Second Angel, and so on, with significant added light concerning the beginning of the Judgment for the Living, the separation of the wheat and tares in the church (SDA),  in its symbolic meaning as revealed in Matthew 13.

There are a total of SEVEN Angels’ Messages in the Great Second Advent Movement (not just Three Angels Messages), six angels brought to view in Revelation 14, in two parts or two phases, and the Seventh Angel brought to view in Revelation chapter 18, verses 1-4, whose message repeats the Second Angel of Revelation 14:8 for the second time.  All of the messages (angels) of Revelation 14, and 18:1, are based on TIME, or time prophecies, in 1844 (Daniel 8:14), and the second phase beginning in 1930, based on Ezekiel chapter 4, the 430 year prophecy, which ties into the Protestant Reformation from Martin Luther’s time (1517) to the Advent Movement of the early 1840s.   The 1844 Movement, encompassing the day of Great Disappointment on October 22, began the “tarrying time” of Christ’s Second Advent as brought to view in Matthew 25 (verse 5), the coming of the Bridegroom from Heaven. 

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