VTH Tract #16 and Answer Books 6 & 7

Posted 7-24-07


Tract #16 and The Answerer Books #6 and #7
by V. T. Houteff.
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Tract #16 and Answer Books #6 and #7
, by V.T. Houteff,  in published format, in this section, that were left in the administration building safe at New Mt. Carmel when the original DSDA Council disbanded and departed in 1962.  These documents contain a continuation of The Shepherd’s Rod Message, including expanded valuable commentary of the harvest of the Firstfruits by V. T. Houteff.  There is nothing in these last publications by Brother Houteff that are particularly useful to the promotion of The Branch Message.  These are objective publications of the previous messenger, V.T. Houteff.   Ben Roden understood his duty to publish all of whatever remained of Brother Houteff’s work, left in the administration building vault.    In 1984, at the direction of George Roden, Answer Book #6 & #7 were initially typed out in a galley format, by the author of this website, from the original rough revision manuscripts from Old Mt. Carmel.  However, there was no significant circulation of these publications at that time, if any.  The author of this website still has in possession the original manuscripts of these documents from Old Mt. Carmel, and other original mimeograph copies of manuscripts from the early 1950s. 


Tract #16 was formatted in original Shepherd's Rod tract size and published in 1968 by The Branch, under the direction of Ben Roden.   Three decades ago, one Davidian organization published copies of Tract #16 after receiving the first release by The Branch,  but most Davdians are not aware of the fact that they have Benjamin Roden to thank for the initial release of the tract.  Ben Roden's stewardship of the unreleased manuscripts was a pivotal blessing in 1965, when he took possession of New Mt. Carmel, preventing the total loss of Davidian properties, the land (remaining 77 acres of New Mt. Carmel), history, and manuscripts, from the hands of Tom Street, Florence Houteff's lawyer, who tried every legal maneuver to prevent the "revival and reformation", the "great change", from taking place.