For Davidians

New Light

Of all doctrinal points that Davidians need no instruction, it is a study on progressive truth and existence of "new light" continually unfolding, or the perpetuity of spiritual gifts in the Church. However, there seems to be one somewhat noticeable exception to this rule. The Branch.

So here are a few brief reminders from Inspiration.

Most of all, "If the Church (Davidia, in this instance) is not making progress with Truth, if she is not periodically adding unquestionable knowledge to knowledge, then I am sure, she has nothing to boast about. She is inactive, her communication line with Heaven broken, is God forsaken, cut off. She can never serve her members with "meat in due season" from the throne of God." 1 TG 51:5. (parenthesis added).

If any Davidian or Davidian leader tells you that both Brother and Sister Roden have also passed away, have they also told you that there has always existed a continuation of the prophetic office, a delineation of authority, in The Branch Movement, as evidenced by a distinct new development of Truth. Because of this fact, the perpetuation of The Rod Leviticus, namely the office of President, the original organization structure has been preserved, without any apologies. There can be no other inspired message(s) after The Branch, you see, because, there are only "three measures of meal" in the loaf, the Advent Movement. The Branch is the phase that prevails in the continuity of inspirational authority of The Kingdom today. Remember, The Kingdom starts small. Who is this new messenger(s) in The Branch Movement of TODAY? And what is his message concerning the Judgment of the Living? COME and SEE.

Those Davidians who say that The Branch teaches that, according to Brother Houteff's warning in his day, that Davidian's are "poor in truth" (11SC2:11), I ask that you consider Sister White's statement in Selected Messages, that "time and place", and/or prophetic circumstance, "must be considered" (1SM57). Truth is progressive! How many times did Brother Houteff say this? Were it not for the otherwise general repression of this concept in The Rod, by the Davidian leadership of today, Davidians in general understand this principle quite well. Today, The Branch Movement is "rich and increased with (spiritual) goods", Truth, but we will never say, "in need of nothing". We always have need of more Light and very present Truth.

"Takes pains" to hear the message and the messenger(s) and determine for yourself if it is truth that you may need to successfully confront the Judgment for the Living, to receive all THREE sealing messages, the full Covering of Messiah's Righteousness. Many Davidians have already come to New Mt. Carmel today to see and hear for themselves what the message for today is, and the history of the movement, and why David Koresh came to be in the movement. Many are in the valley of decision. But remember too, if you "take pains" to listen to the messenger, to compare Scripture with Scripture, to carefully consider type and antitype with supporting statements from Inspiration, but if you have "prejudice" against the message or messenger, remember Brother Houteff's admonition, that such a one, "is at the bottom of the Devil's kidnapping bag."

Yes, The Branch Movement has had its share of troubles, conflict, every satanic attempt to destroy the movement from with-in, particularly in the time of Lois Roden’s life and ministry. The "woman" has always been the primary target of attack by the enemy, particularly when she has been left vulnerable. The 1977 Message of the Holy Spirit Mother, through Lois Roden, came to address that issue most of all, to restore and empower women who are able to grasp their unique high calling in the restoration of all things.

A prophetic curse was brought upon the Branch Message and Movement beginning in 1981 through 1993, predicted by Ben Roden in 1958 in Lesson #4, as evidenced in the type. Brother Roden taught that the Branch Message would bear "a curse" and then be “raised to glorious exaltation to the shame of its enemies.” Read "The Sign of Jonah" Report on the homepage for the details and references. The curse that Vernon W. Howell [a.k.a. David Koresh] brought on the Branch Movement was a prophetic event to bring a needed cleansing of the movement.  That cleansing came in April of 1993. Vernon Howell was not a “branch” of the True Vine. He was an interloper. Ben Roden was never even acquainted with Vernon Howell! The Branch Message, of our Messiah King, Yahshua, will be vindicated and exalted. You are invited to be a part of this great event. We shall witness it. Watch!

I assure you Brother, Sister Davidian, there is "meat in due season" in The Branch Message of today! The Family Tree, The Ensign, was completed in 1955. The Branch Message was based upon TIME and TYPE, clearly delineated upon the 430 year time prophecy according to the criteria set forth by Brother Houteff. Read it for yourself!

Some Davidian leaders today, some that should know better, some that actually knew Brother Houteff in his lifetime, go to great lengths to dissuade Davidians today from the slightest consideration of new light, vigorously warning Davidian brethren to look out and beware of any "porter – prophet - president", as if it is a virtue to wholesale reject any "claimant of inspiration" (V.T. Houteff, 1TG12:18). No Davidian today will accept an office of "President" outside of Victor Houteff. 

Where do Davidians today get the idea that they, the various executive councils of their present day organizations, may vote on what constitutes truth for today? Brother Houteff had it right in GCB pages 8-9, that it is up to each individual to decide for himself or herself what constitutes TRUTH, in their own personal study and their own prayer closet. It is not corporate. It is individual.

"Laodiceanism today, you know, is in a worse situation than any people at any other time, for by PROTESTING that there is no need of prophets, no n any more truth, they have already rejected them, yes actually killed them. If they expect no more truth and if Jesus Christ (The Branch – G.C. 415) Himself should come with more truth would they not crucify Him also? I know that I am not making a rash statement, not exaggerating either, and I also know that the Bible will sustain me in what I am saying, else I would not say it." 2TG24:21 (parenthesis added).

This unwitting prophecy from the pen of Brother Houteff has been fulfilled in the message of today. In 1959, Florence Houteff and her executive counsel rejected, crucified, Christ The Branch, in a message, after repeated warning by the new messenger. That fig tree became cursed, withered and died. Type and Truth.

Laodicean or Davidian. Which are you, Davidian Brother, Sister? 1TG8:28.

"Without vision, you see, the people perish. And also without an interpreter and without faith they likewise perish. And this is why the "Spirit of Prophecy" is an absolute necessity to the people of God in all generations." 2TG24:20-21.

How much "weight of evidence" do you need, brother, sister Davidian?

"To the Law and to the Testimony…." (Isa. 8:20) and, to The Family Tree (Isa. 11:1).