For Davidians


To the Davidian brethren:

As you consider the claims of the original Branch Message beginning in 1955, as reproduced on this website homepage, in the Original Publications section, please bear in mind these words, from the pen of the Shepherd’s Rod messenger:

[emphasis and brackets supplied].

“Do not henceforth leave in the hands of others your investigation of the subject. After hearing the evidences, you alone in the closet of prayer and with the aid of the Spirit can determine whether the Elijah has come, OR whether he is YET to COME. [whether it be V. T. Houteff, Ben L. Roden or some other future Messenger of the Covenant].

“Do not, though, forget that the message he proclaims will in itself bear the Divine credentials of Truth, and that no priest or prelate [or self appointed vice-president, or self appointed council member] can decide for you who the Elijah may OR may not be. No, not even the appearance of what his message is doing or not doing, or whether it is prospering or disintegrating, can be taken as evidence that God is in it. Neither can numbers of adherents, for such have never signified a right cause at any time, not even in the day Christ Himself preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. The message he brings is the only thing to go by.

“And since the Enemy cannot get around the Truth, he does all he can to blacken character and to pick flaws in personalities. The prophet’s message nevertheless cannot be judged by the behavior of its professors, for even the Apostles mis-conducted themselves before the ascension of Christ. The multitude, too, that followed Moses was anything but exemplary; in fact, in many instances they were disgraceful. And the “holy men of God” who wrote the Scriptures were faulty men. Even Moses himself was not faultless. Regardless though, he was still Moses, and his was the only message and movement for the day. [one movement and message that "will merge into a greater one." Still, "one movement". 1 TG8:24-26]

"Likewise, irrespective of considerations of personal faults, frailties, and failings, Elijah’s message and movement [ONE movement] will be the only God-sent ones, the only ones to fear, to love, to stand by, to live or die for. No, there will be no other shield when heaven opens and the storm breaks in all its dreaded fury upon the world, to unavoidably pour down its lethal lighting from the skies.”

General Conference Special, by V. T. Houteff, pages 8-9

[emphasis and brackets supplied]