The Sign of Jonah Controversy


It is easy for any man today to teach that he has the garment change of Zechariah 3.  But WHERE did he get it from?  The Holy Ghost (the Divine Daughter) is always left out of the question.  It is HER that has the garment change to give, and only to those OF HER BODY (Christ's body on earth) that acknowledge Her as King.  The "Joshua" body comes into existence as each professed believer accepts the Kingship of the Holy Ghost, without any man as a claimed intermediary, or middle-man king.  The Zechariah 3 prophecy, according to Ellen White, is "figurative" or symbolic.

Zechariah 3 is a revelation of Christ the Son and Christ the Daughter in their respective roles as Priest and Judge in the latter-days of this earth's history.  This prophecy is applicable ONLY to The Branch Movement.   When any member of the professed body accepts the true and ONLY HEAD of the church, the body, that individual, is then connected to the true HEAD, thus a real and living spiritual BODY since a body cannot live without a HEAD.  Men today claim they are a kind of intermediary head, or PART OF THE HEAD, which cannot bring life to the body and no garment change can be effected through a man. 

The Holy Ghost Daughter GETS Her garment change, in a figurative sense, each time She is acknowledged as the true and ONLY Head of the Church.   Unbelief and rejection of Her true rule through the ages has polluted our Divine Mother, until this generation.   Now, She is offering us the garment change to be translated without seeing death for those who accept HER as the ONE, antitypical David ( meaning "beloved"), Who has been rejected through the ages by men in authority.   No man can confer the garment change of Christ's Righteousness, and no man can confer the sealing (Rev. 7) to the membership.  That is the exclusive domain of the Divine Daughter Who is IN THE EARTH today.   It was Her all along, for 2000 years, that the church has said, "we will not have this MAN ("woman", hidden in the masculine authority of Christ-He) to rule over us."  Lois Roden uses this very language in one of her field letters.  It is TIME to "CEASE from man" (Isa. 2:22). 


The following YouTube videos present the Sign of Jonah as first taught by Lois Roden in the early 1980s.

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