History of the State of Israel

The link below will direct you to a short film produced by the Terrorism Awareness Project by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a Jewish historical website dedicated to educating the public of the greater warfare against the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Please be advised there are images on the video presentation that are of a disturbing graphic nature of the Holocaust and terrorism in Israel. We are including this historical information on this site because most Seventh-Day Adventists are not nearly informed enough concerning the significance of these modern day events or recognize their prophetic significance as found in the latter books of the Old Testament. This needs to change. These events should be emphasized in every SDA pulpit and in the Sabbath School Quarterly to better support the Jewish community and the State of Israel, also to prepare us for the future persecution of all Sabbath keeping believers.  In today's political climate to further divide and diminish the Jewish homeland, we need to remember the words of the psalmist, "Pray (inquire of) for the peace (the unity) of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee."  Psalms 122:6.

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