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The following Branch Field Letters were written by Perry Jones, under the direction of Lois Roden. Again, the term "Trinity" is used loosely, not referring to "Trinitarianism", in the co-equal/co-eternal.




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                                             LIVING WATERS

May 25, 1979


Dear Kingdom-bound Saint:


We are continually praising the Heavenly Trinity for the knowledge of the Holy Spirit now shining more and more upon our pathway to the Kingdom!  "The dispensation in which we are NOW living is to be, to those that ask, the dispensation of the Holy Spirit .... It is the time of the latter rain (healing waters of truth), when the Lord will give (is giving) largely of His Spirit (the Holy Spirit She, The Lord Our Righteousness, Jer. 33:15,16)." -T.M. p.511, 512. n of truth) (Zech. 13:1) has been opened to the House of David (The Branch He church) by The Branch She, the Holy Spirit, Whose messenger, Sister Roden, joined Brother Roden (David) in 1977. 

What wonderful revelations we as a people have received!  And what great things we are going to do in the power of the Spirit for the Heavenly Trinity!  As Yahshua (Jesus) was revealed to the Jewish nation, so in our day Yahshua (Jesus) revealed Himself to Brother Roden as the Mighty Angel of Revelation 18:1, The Branch, He, The Lord our Righteousness Who was raise(d) unto David (BLR)." Jer. 23:5,6.


Therefore, with the revelation of The Branch He messenger in and The Branch She messenger in 1977, there emerged the House of David, with a male David, Brother Roden, and a female David, Sister Roden, since "male and female created he them; and blessed them and called THEIR name ADAM (Mr. Adam and Mrs. Adam, if you please)." Gen. 5:2.  "Who is the antitypical Adam and Eve that Inspiration declares will finish our first parents work?  Sincerely yours to be co-laborers with TODAY'S ADAM AND EVE, (Signed) Ben L Roden (and) Lois I. Roden."-Branch Monthly Letter, July, 1978.  Just as Eve was called "Adam," so today's Eve is called "David." This is a simple equation, and easy to understand.  In common usage, both men and women are referred to in such words as "mankind," and "his." For instance, "let everyone bring HIS book to class," etc.


..It is evident that the noun, men (see Acts 17:30, John 12:32, Ezek. 9:4,  John 1:7) is a collective Biblical term of both men and women.  The same is true by CREATION, for, God made the woman of the man.  Therefore, she is a wo-man.  Again in Gal. 3.28 we read: 'There is neither male nor female: for ye are all ONE in Christ Yahshua (Jesus).'


Since there is no difference between either sex in Christ, then we see that WOMEN as well as men can be KINGS and PRIESTS .... In the beginning God created both the man and the woman equal, as king and queen.  'And God blessed THEM and God said unto THEM, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it: and have DOMINION .... Note that dominion was given to THEM BOTH.  However, after they sinned, a change was made: 'Unto the woman He said .... thy desire shall be to thy husband, and He shall rule over thee.' (Gen. 3: l6).  So, after the woman sinned she fell under the government of man.  BUT THAT WHICH EVE LOST BY DECEPTION, SHALL BE RESTORED BY REDEMPTION. Thus AGAIN the EQUALITY of BOTH shall be established as KINGS AND QUEENS."  The Shepherd's Rod, Vol. 2, pp. 168,169.


... It was the duty of Adam AND Eve to replenish the earth with saints and to bare rule (TWO RULERS) over all the earth.  Obviously this work (the type) HAS NOT YET BEEN FINISHED (antitype), for not all on earth is yet under subjection to man, (and 'Eve') as God intended.'-Symbolic Code, Vol. 11, no. 6, pp ... 11 ... Adam's crown (showing him King) and his bow (Eve-Queen) 'call to mind the OFFICE' 'filled' by God at creation, ONE OFFICE, but in, TWO EQUAL PARTS.  King Adam and Queen Eve.  'And they shall be ONE flesh.' Gen. 2:24." Letter, July, 1978.


Since there is only one latter-day king, or shepherd, promised in the prophecies (i.e. Ezek. 34:23; 37:20-24, Jer. 30:9, Hosea 3:5), and since we have come to the "TIMES of restitution of ALL things which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began," (Acts 3:21). then it is inconceivable to imagine that the latter-day king would be without a queen since in God's original creation of King Adam he was just one half of a whole, the other half being Queen Eve, "ONE OFFICE, but in TWO EQUAL PARTS." Again, it is easily seen that just as there was King and Queen Adam ("called THEIR name Adam," Gen. 5:2), so today antitypical David ("the visible king and Christ the invisible King ... constitute the 'ensign,' and 'to it shall the Gentiles seek..."-Tract 8, p. 47), who is also the antitypical Adam, holds a two-part office, one being the male part, the King, and the other being the female part, the Queen.  Thus it is that the latter-day David is the "simple means" (Ibid. p. 71) that "He will use to bring about and perfect His work of righteousness" (Testimonies to Ministers, P. 300).  This "work of righteousness" is the same as that of "today's Adam and Eve, Ben L Roden, Lois I. Roden" (Letter, July, 1978).  Reread this letter!


"Roden means 'ruler' in Hebrew .... Furthermore, if we consider that 'rod' refers to David and 'en' means 'out of,' we will see that the two, 'Rod' and 'en'-Roden, REFERS TO A RULER 'OUT OF' DAVID.  Still further, his name, 'Roden,' discloses that (in antitype) he is of the house of David-the 'ruler,' or Roden, according to the Hebrew definition .... In printing ... en.,. (is) a space HALF as wide as an em; used as a unit of measurement.  An 'em .... used as a unit of measure of printed matter- (is) commonly used as a standard of measurement.' Webster.  Therefore, by adding two 'ens' together we have one 'em', a standard of measurement.  Since the name 'Roden' means ruler, then by taking the 'en' of the name Roden (or ruler), Heaven's representative on earth, and joining it with 'En' of the Great Ruler (or Roden in Hebrew) in Heaven, the Son of God, we have an 'em' on earth-God's standard of measurement for all printed matter." The Man on the White Horse, pp. 43, 52, 44, by Ben L. Roden.


There are three Great Rulers in Heaven-the Trinity, if you please!  Three Rulers, Three Rodens: a Family of Rodens, or Rulers!  Let us think a little bit, and see how simple the whole Picture becomes!  Adam and Eve were made in "the image of (Christ) and glory (Holy Spirit) of God" (I Cor. 11:7).  Adam (Rod-EN: 1/2 space) and Eve (Rod-EN: 1/2+1/2=1), Rulers or Rodens (en-1/2+en-1/2=1 EM, Gods STANDARD. Adam + Eve=1 were the first RODENS in the flesh, and representatives of the Family of Rodens in Heaven!  Likewise, "if we consider that 'rod' refers to David and 'en' means "out of," we easily conclude that the Trinity is also not only the House of Roden, the Rulers, but the House of David!  Further, Adam and Eve, as the earthly rulers or Rodens, were also the BEGINNING of the House of David, the human family, a BRANCH of the Heavenly House of David!  Zechariah was shown this very same truth, when he was inspired to declare that "the house of David shall be as God" (Zech. 12:8).  The House of David at creation was "AS GOD" before they fell into sin, and now in these "times of restitution of ALL things" (Acts 3.21), the House of David will once again be "as God" -- perfect, sinless!


Webster's Dictionary says that the suffix, "EN," is used to form the plural of some nouns.  Therefore, the proper name, Roden (Hebrew for ruler), would indicate the plurality of the Trinity (three Rulers or Rodens), as well as the plurality of the representatives of the Trinity.   Webster says also that 'EN' is a FEMININE suffix.  Again, this would not only indicate the feminine part, of the Trinity or House of David (Roden) in Heaven, but also the feminine of the House of David (Roden) on earth.  No doubt this is what Inspiration meant when It declared that "Each member of the Triune Godhead (Rom. 1:20), having His personal Representative on earth to the church, each having Inspiration.....  having the three members of the same family (Father, Mother, Son) as envisioned in Eden (Gen. 2:8,22; 3:15).        In 1888 we had a faint shadow or a symbol, of the Three inspired individuals in the church AT ONE TIME, in the persons of Mrs. Ellen G. White, Elders Wagonner, and Jones .... Since they WERE NOT ALL OF THE SAME FAMILY, the father, the mother, and the son, the work was hindered and the progress of the reformation halted in 1888 .... Nevertheless, 1888 pictures, in a marked manner, that which is to obtain in the FINAL restoration (A FAMILY OF RULERS--RODENS, THE HOUSE OF DAVID) in these last days."-The Daily No. 2, p. 6, by BLR.


Summarily, then, with 'en' forming plural nouns (such as ox-EN: male and female), Rod-EN illustrates the plurality of the Trinity-Father, Mother, and Son; and with the 'en' being a feminine suffix, the name Rod-EN illustrates the femininity of the Trinity-the Mother, the Holy Spirit.


After nearly six thousand years, it is without a doubt a Divine Coincidental Providence (in the ultimate!) that a Family has arisen by the name of "Roden, (which) refers to a  ruler 'out of' David, or in other words, from the house or lineage of David.  Still further, his name, 'Roden,' discloses that (in antitype) he (and she) is of the house of David the 'ruler,' or Roden, according to the Hebrew definition." The Man on the White Horse, p. 52..


To restate in a simple, yet powerful way the abundance of proof heretofore presented, let us quote the "Sincerely yours" closing parts of the May, 1978, and July, 1978, Monthly Letters.  May 1978: "Sincerely yours to 'hear  the voice of the Bridegroom and the voice of the Bride,' (Signed) Ben L. Roden (and) Lois I. Roden.." "the voice of the bridegroom" is the voice of Christ, The Branch He, Great Ruler (or Roden) as heard through Ben L Roden from 1955-1978; the "voice of the bride" is the voice of the Holy Spirit, The Branch She, Great Ruler (or Roden) as heard through  Lois I. Roden since 1977.  The July, 1978, Monthly Letter expresses the same truth through another symbolism: "Sincerely yours to be co-laborers with TODAY'S ADAM AND EVE, (Signed) Ben L. Roden (and) Lois I. Roden." "Adam" or Ruler-Roden, and "Eve" or Ruler -Roden, "ONE OFFICE, BUT IN TWO EQUAL PARTS."


Now we may understand Jeremiah 33:17 in the light of the foregoing revelations!  "For thus saith the Lord; David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel." The typical


David lived, as we know, along with almost all of mankind, under the dominion of sin, 'WHICH BROUGHT A CHANGE TO THE EQUALITY OF ADAM, AND EVE, under whose JOINT RULE  they originally had dominion over the earth."  .... after they sinned a change was made ... He (Adam) shall rule over thee (Eve)." (Gen. 3:16).  So, after the woman sinned she fell under the government of man.  But that which Eve lost by deception, SHALL BE RESTORED BY REDEMPTION.  Thus again the EQUALITY OF BOTH shall be established as kings and queens.  Therefore, 'There is neither male nor female in Christ Yahshua (Jesus)."'-The Shepherd's Rod, Vol. 1. P. 169.


The antitypical David reigns in an "era of absolute righteousness, peace, and knowledge of God (in the kingdom)" Tract 9. P. 45.  This era of "ABSOLUTE righteousness" is one in which, among other things, the woman "shall be restored .... to equality." Could we imagine a kingdom of "absolute righteousness, peace, and knowledge of God" one in which the woman would be in subjection to man?  Of course not!  Therefore, since the restoration begins at the head, with the ruler, then, we quickly conclude the antitypical David is not "half a man," but a whole person because his wife stands by his side as an equal, a ruler, a queen, a female David, his "other half." Even under the dominion of sin the Gentiles call their wives their "other half!"


Since the antitypical David had a wife, Mrs. Benjamin L Roden, Brother Roden's death left us with his other half, the female David, the Mrs. David, if you please!  The temporary death of Yahshua (Jesus), the Great Ruler, or Roden, Son of the House of David, did not obliterate the House of David, but only brought a temporary void.  So today!  Brother Roden's death did not bring an end to the House of David, because Rod-EN (feminine suffix) Mrs. Roden (Ruler, House of David) is still living and wearing the crown of Inspiration as Eve did in the beginning!


The law of sin and death, the Levitical Law, with its bearded (symbol of sin) priesthood, did not permit women, or non-Levites to be priests.  But in the era of the Holy Spirit a new Priesthood is instituted, one which permits women to be priests and kings.  Paul envisioned this when he declared that "If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood (and law), what further need was there that another priest should arise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron?  For the priesthood being CHANGED there is made of necessity A CHANGE ALSO OF THE LAW (Levitical)." Heb. 7:11,12.  Notice, Paul says Christ was a priest "AFTER" the order of Melchisedec, not "OF" the order of Melchisedec.  He could not be OF the order of Melchisedec, the Holy Spirit, for Melchisedec had no record in the earth.  "Without father, without mother, without descent, having  neither beginning of days, nor end of life." Heb. 7:3.  Christ came in the flesh and His birth was recorded in the earthly sanctuary; His death on the cross in historical record.  His earthly lineage was through His mother, not a father, for He had no earthly father.  His mother was the Rod (en), David (daughter of David) who brought forth Christ from the tribe of Judah, which had no record of attendance (Priesthood) before the altar.  Therefore, the Holy Spirit Melchisedec, Priest of the Most High God, crowned Yahshua (Jesus) on the Day of Pentecost  INTO an everlasting Priesthood after He died and was resurrected, nevermore to die.


To legalize the priesthood of women "there is made of necessity a change also of the law (Levitical)." Through Christ Who was not a Levite, but of Judah, the priesthood after the order of Melchisedecreplaced the Levitical priesthood: ..For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda, of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood.  And it is yet far more evident: for that AFTER the SIMILITUDE of Melchisedec there ariseth ANOTHER priest.... called of God an high priest AFTER the order of Melchisedec." Heb. 7:14,15; 5:10.  In Christ, the transition from the law prohibiting female priests to the law establishing female priests, was made, thus making possible the restoration of the latter-day Eve (Lois I. Roden) to the priesthood and rulership as it was in Eden when Eve and Adam ministered before the Personal Presence of the Trinity.  "There is neither male nor female: for ye are all ONE in Christ Yahshua (Jesus)." Gal. 3:28.  "'For the law of the Spirit of life (Holy Spirit) in Christ Yahshua (Jesus) hath made me free from the law of sin and death (Levitical Law forbidding female priests).  " Rom. 8:2.                 


To the House of David is opened an healing fountain (the message of the Holy Spirit, The Branch She) (Zech. 13:1), which brings rebirth to the House of David, and turns it into an healing fountain for all peoples; and the stream from the fountain grows into a mighty river which "represents a multitude of saints (men and women) endowed with healing power from the throne of God."-The Shepherd's Rod, Vol. 2. p. 295.  This "healing river" (House of David) ..represents the saints (all the saved) from the earth" (Ibid), therefore, ALL the saints, male and female, Jew and Gentile, free and bond, are finally members of the House of David, or Rodens (Rulers) who join with the Great Family of Heaven, the Heavenly House of David, or Roden (Rulers)....... not only Israel, but the Gentiles also are related to Yahshua (Jesus) by birth.  Consequently, through Yahshua (Jesus), ALL LIVING SAINTS who receive the seal of Yahshua's (Jesus') new name, become the ADOPTED SONS AND DAUGHTERS (of the House of David, or Rodens, Rulers) of God-Branches, Saviours. (Obadiah 21.)"-The Man on the White Horse, P. 48.  "I will pour out my spirit UPON ALL FLESH; and your sons and your DAUGHTERS (descendants of Jacob liberated by the law of the Spirit from man's rule) shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And ALSO upon the servants and upon the HANDMAIDS (Gentiles) in those days will I pour out my spirit." Joel 2:26-29.  In the restitution ALL the saved will be filled with the Spirit-inspired, each with his own gift, as would have been ALL the children of Adam and Eve if sin had not cut off the Spirit's direct communication with them!  PRAISE THE LORDS!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!


Sincerely yours to become a Roden, a Ruler, a member of the House of David,


Correspondence Secretary                                                                       pdj:enc.












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July 20, 1979



Dear Kingdom-Bound Saint:


God the Father, God the Mother-Holy Spirit, and God the Son are so good to their children on this earth, made in Their Image, that we are learning to praise them more and more as each ray of light brightens our upward pathway to the Kingdom with a growing hope of salvation for Their children of all nations!


Campmeeting is in full swing, and we are pleased to share with you the first of three tracts we are publishing for this season.  The enclosed tract shows how the Catholics have been growing silently in power and authority waiting for the time "to strike" (G.C. p. 449).  However, our wonderful America will not be in the hands of Rome but just a short while until she becomes, as George Washington saw in vision, a part of God's glorious kingdom as shown to Isaiah in Chapter 19:23-25.  Isn't this a wonderful promise to share and witness in fulfillment??!!


Some of the workers just returned from the Oklahoma Campmeeting where, although told to leave the campgrounds and stand at the only entrance, a gate, they were able to distribute over 700 pieces of literature and give "standing" studies to those many of varied ages who came to the gate for literature and to find out what was going on!" As the cars went in and out of the only entrance and exit to the campground, many stopped for a piece of literature.  One sister came to the gate looking for her car which was late arriving, being driven by her neighbor, and after hearing a "mini-study" on the gender of the Holy Spirit, said that she understood why her neighbor was late in arriving - so that she could receive the truth of the Holy Spirit!  She left with many thanks and a bundle of literature to distribute at her own church.  Several teenagers gave their addresses for literature about going to Israel.  One bit of humor: the minister in charge of the maintenance of the grounds, and a friend of the Branch minister, came to the gate about 8:30 p.m. when the Sabbath was almost over and requested that no literature be put out on camp, but since the job was finished and the Sabbath over in five minutes it almost appeared that he had waited to tell us until we finished our work!  The same minister told the group clustered around the Branch worker that the Sunday law would come in a way quite unexpected by Adventists, and that it would be first a civil law and then a religious law, just as it was in Constantine's time.  This truth is exactly what the Branch worker had told the minister the year before at campmeeting!!


Last Spring Sister Roden was invited to speak to a committee representing a large Adventist church in California.  After the presentation, the committee spokesman said that he could see the Holy Spirit is feminine, and he published a very favorable article in the church paper.  Here in the Texas conference the president allowed the Branch workers to distribute the literature once again this year.  If you recall, he gave Sister Roden a hearing last year, and 25 of the ministers attended the hearing at the president's request.  The Sabbath School Lessons for the present quarter is about the Former and Latter Rain and the Holy Spirit.  A number of books are published by the Adventists about the Holy Spirit, and the main interest at the campmeetings is the Holy Spirit.


The Lord is opening up the hearts of the people for the reception of the Holy Spirit message.  One Adventist doctor, who has a health retreat in the Ozark mountains, stated that she only recently understood that the Holy Spirit is a Person and not just a power or an influence.


The Branch workers in Australia have been engaged in an extensive literature campaign, traveling far into the heart of Australia to seek out Adventists and leave literature at the churches and obtain names for our mailing ministry.  We are now receiving an increase in our mail from Australia as a result.  Here are some of the excerpts from those letters: "Thank you for your courtesy of sending me Sabbath School Lessons... They are a life spring to me in subjects where I am not very clear .... It is very much highly appreciated and I therefore send you a donation." "I have just been reading one of your tracts entitled 'The Urgent Need of the Church' and find it very interesting.  On the bottom of the front page are the words 'Special 'testimony to the General Conference World Session 1970, so it would appear that this tract could be anything up to eight or nine years old, and it may be that You are no longer in existence as a group or a church or no longer at the address to which this letter is sent.  However, if you are still in existence and still hold to the belief that, as Christians, we should be observing the Lord's Supper on the proper Passover day, please get in touch with me and send me any literature you have that you consider could interest me."


From Canada comes this letter: "I wish to learn about your church and your standards and beliefs.  Your name was listed in Directory of Sabbath-keeping groups published by The Bible Sabbath Association, Fairview, Oklahoma.  You were listed along with the Seventh-day Adventists, S.D.A. Davidian Congregation, Yahweh, and one or two others listed as teaching the inspiration of Ellen G. White writings.  I wish to learn what your church believes, moral standards, and principles."


From Hawaii: "Please send me information on the Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists, including a price list of any literature that you sell.  How do you people differ from the other Seventh-day Adventist groups?"


From the Philippines: "I am glad you have not dropped my name from your mailing list.  Though I have not sent you any help for a long time.  Please sister, do not miss our Sabbath School Lessons.  Thank you sister and we are looking for our next lessons on advance light."


"I need not speak of the joy that filled my heart, nor the ardent longing of soul for a more inspiring message.  But to tell you, they became to me as a key for a more thorough knowledge of the Bible and Testimonies.  All that was dark, mystical, or obscure to me in the Bible teachings, had been disappeared or dissipated from my mind; and oh how bright and glorious the truth appeared .... With solemn conviction that such events taught in the lessons will be fulfilled in so short a space of time, the

thought came home to me with mighty power, regarding my duty to impart my knowledge gained, in view of the evidence that affected my mind I then present my views in private homes.  In nearly two years there were tens that had been converted as a result of my preaching.


"Therefore, as of now we are forming here a little group bearing the name 'Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventist."


It is very interesting to note that when God sends His people a special truth, there is always a corresponding development along the same lines in the secular world.  For example, when the truth of the new moon Sabbaths was developing in The Branch movement,  the United States was deeply involved in sending men to the moon!


Now, with the revelation of the gender and personality of the Holy Spirit,  there is a deepening interest and searching for "the feminine side of God" (Newsweek, January 1, 1979).  In the campmeeting tract about the Holy Spirit, Sister Roden quotes extensively from this article in Newsweek, entitled "What Mary Means Now." The article is very thought provoking, with such statements as these: "Certainly the times are ripe for an appreciation of the feminine side of all human beings and of God as well," and "the early Christians had a psychological need to express the feminine side of God, which their Hebrew forefathers suppressed."


According to a recent issue of Spotlight newspaper, President Carter has mobilized 100,000 troops to go into the Middle East to settle the situation.   The article states that the American newspapers are keeping this quiet, but that in the Middle East the newspapers are headlining that "Washington wants war."  We are reminded of The Branch predictions about the Assyrian overflowing Immanuel's land to take care of his interests, and the Rod predictions that the kingdom will be established in the time of war.


We understand what God is going to do today by the types, do we not?  The wave-sheaf in Yahshua's (Jesus') day received power, yea, more than power, for they were taken to heaven and returned perfect human beings to reap the 120 first fruit harvest.  Do you want to be a wave-sheaf and, if the type is carried out even in the "going to heaven" trip, take a trip to heaven?  Wouldn't this be glorious; what more could we ask for a "vacation!!" Let us fill our vessels everyday with the extra oil of the Holy Spirit that we may be ready to take Heaven's flying saucer should the Heavenly Family design this to be!!


May the glory come to us as it came to ancient Israel as they appeared before the Lord at the hours of prayer (reread Daily No. 2, pp. 1,2).


Sincerely yours to prepare to receive the glory and be presented to the Father as the Wave-sheaf,

Correspondence Secretary                                                                      pdj:enc



                                             January 22, 1981




Dear Kingdom-bound Saint:


Our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are so good to us!  We are rejoicing for the continued progress as the truth widens ever outward into newer fields of mankind!


By now you have probably received the first edition of our new publication, "Shekinah." We appreciate any suggestions you may have to improve our publication!  Should you find articles from magazines or newspapers which you would like to see in the "Shekinah," please send us two copies, if possible, unfolded (you have to use a large manilla envelope to mail it in), and preferably new for photographing purposes.


We have obtained permission from Redbook, Time, etc. to reprint articles, so do not hesitate to send any article as we will write the publisher for permission.


Yes, it has been several months since our last Field Letter, but, O! how busy we have been working to publish the first edition of the "Shekinah" and two new booklets, "in Her Image," and "In The Beginning" Part 2. Please forgive us for the delay in keeping you informed!  Thank you!  We have been working day and night to keep up with the increased tempo of the work.  And, although tiring, it is rewarding to see how our Mother is spreading the truth of Her identity, personality, and mission!


Let us go back to November 16 and bring you step by step up to today that you may rejoice with us with the "growing of the mustard seed"!


On November 16, Sunday, the day of the Ceremonial Pentecost, nine brothers and 15 sisters were rebaptized (Acts 19:1-6) with water as a prerequisite to experiencing the purifying baptism of fire of trials and tribulations to prepare us for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to give the truth with great power, attended by miracles.


During the Thanksgiving holiday, the story about Sister Roden and her work which appeared in the Dallas Times-Herald, was chosen by the Los Angeles Times New Service to distribute to her "customer" newspapers all over the United States.  As a result, we have received correspondence from many states north, south, east and west; almost all the letters were favorable.  One lady in New Mexico drove here to share with Sister Roden her experience in doing research in Europe for her master's degree thesis about the feminine part of the Trinity; the lady was very pleased that this truth was receiving publicity which she had tried to get but could not.  Others wrote that they had understood the feminine Spirit for many years.  The letters are still coming!  One Adventist pastor in Long Island wrote the Adventist pastor in Waco sympathizing with him as to "his dilemma" (with us) and sent him a photostat of the picture that appeared in the Long Island "Newsday." Someone in the Waco church sent us copies of both the letter and the article!


A radio announcer called from San Jose, California. and interviewed Sister Roden.  As a result of the story of the Canadian second baptism (you saw the picture and story in the "Shekinah.") the newspaper that published the story received a very large amount of "letters to the editor," some of which we are publishing in the next "Shekinah." Sister Roden is leaving for Canada this week to be interviewed by the news media.


Providentially, we obtained the names and addresses of the Waco Seventh-day Adventist church members the day before our first mailing of the "Shekinah." Of course, we mailed them all a copy!  The response was explosive!  For the time being, we have been asked to not attend the church on Sabbath until the pastor has opportunity to educate the members in right attitudes.  Sister Roden told the pastor, who came to headquarters to ask us to not attend church, that we would stay away for awhile but that we would be back.  Anyway, Sister Roden was planning a trip to Canada, so it would be fine for the time being!  Some members in the church did not like the way others behaved.  One sister called and told us that she did not approve of how they acted.  The upset members had threatened to use every means possible to prevent our coming to church.