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The Young Cow and the Two Sheep.  {TN6: 29.2}

As butter is churned from milk, and as the milk from which this spiritual "butter" is made, comes from the "two sheep" and the "young cow," the truth flows forth that these three milk-producing  creatures symbolize three different sources from which the Word of the Lord (butter) is obtained.  The cow is young; the sheep are not.  Accordingly, the source of the butter, God's Word, represented by the young cow, is of later origin than the sources represented by the two sheep.  The two-of-a-kind, therefore, can only represent the Old and New Testament Scriptures;  whereas the cow, being larger and younger than the sheep, represents sacred volumes of correspondingly larger proportions and of later origin than the Bible.  These volumes manifestly are the latter-day writings of the "Spirit of Prophecy" (Rev. 19:10), which enable their patrons to "refuse the evil, and choose the good," and which bring to them The Honey.  {TN6: 29.3}

The key of the interpretation to this "honey" is found in Revelation 10:10.  "And I took the little book," says John, "out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter."  This honey-sweetness (explained in detail in our Tract No. 5, Final Warning), represents the joy that came to the believers in William Miller's time, through their wholehearted belief that the Lord was coming in the fall of 1843 A.D. to take them to their home in "the land that is very far off," where their eyes would "see the King in His beauty." Isa. 33:17.  But as the day passed, and the expected event failed to materialize, then overwhelming disappointment, as depicted by the little book's turning "bitter," came to everyone who, in honest expectancy, yearningly anticipated that long-hoped-for journey through the starry heavens to the city "foursquare" -- the Capital of the earth made new.  {TN6: 30.1}

The honey-sweetness of Revelation 10:10 standing as it does for great joy resulting from feasting on the Word of God, automatically imparts  to the "honey" of Isaiah 7:22 the significance of joy that shall come to all who join in eating the "butter" from both the "cow" and the "sheep," which are now "come fresh."  Only those who so do, shall be "left in the land."  {TN6: 31.1}

This cordial invitation to eat of spiritual "butter and honey," hitherto never paralleled in quantity or quality, is especially extended to those who are inclined to doubt.  Accept this unprecedented invitation, my brethren, and you will convince yourselves of the sincerity and judgment which prompts our plea, and will realize at first taste that the product from these noble creatures is all that you need to keep you not only alive and well but also in joy and peace from "henceforth" and forever!  And though there is an innumerable multitude to be fed, you need not fear a shortage of food, for The Universal Dairy has A World of Butter-Producing Milk.  {TN6: 31.2}