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Court Reporting Committee


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The Court Reporting Committee is pleased to provide you with the latest developments regarding the litigation over New Mt.  Carmel property.


This Committee has taken great pains, with some expense involved, to furnish Second Tithers the enclosed information so that they may act intelligently in discharging their moral obligation to bring  justice out of the present chaos.


The enclosed excerpts from the Minutes of the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association shows to what lengths the former Davidian leadership, under the direction of Mrs. Florence (Houteff) Eakin, were willing to go in order to obtain the second-tithe monies for themselves.


You will notice throughout the Minutes of the Davidian Council that they recognized the illegality of their functioning after Brother Houteff's death.  These Minutes clearly and finally prove that the Wage Adjustment of 1962, taken from the Second Tithe Fund, is completely illegal, along with everything else that was done after February 5, 1955.


You will also notice in Column 2 of the List of Individuals Wage Adjustments' made from 'Second Tithe Fund' how little the refund will amount to, based on $1 out of every $7 contributed.  In comparison with the expense of care provided by the Second Tithe Fund for the worthy poor, etc., the 1/7th refund is a disgrace to the principle underlying the Second Tithe Fund's provisions.  The ex-Council would now have the elderly trade the provisions of the Fund for a mere pittance that would only mock the overall expense involved in caring for the aged today!


It is our conviction that you, along with the many other Davidians who have not apostatized from the truth, will welcome this opportunity to let your voice be heard against the wickedness in high places that the enclosed Minutes reveal.


Enclosed is a Resolution for your signature.  It will record your disapproval of that which the former Mrs. Houteff carried out: (1) denunciation and renunciation of Ellen G. White and V. T. Houteff; ( 2 ) burning of their 1iterature; ( 3 ) theft of the second tithe for the care of the worthy poor and elderly.


We know you will welcome this LAST opportunity to speak out against those who have blasphemed God and His Truth.


Tell us what you think should be done to rectify the injustices of a few against the Davidian people.


Voluntary contributions are welcomed from those who wish to share the expense of printing the enclosed Minutes for the information of all second tithers.  Mail offerings to the Court Reporting Committee, P.O. Box 121, Waco, Texas 76703.


Upon receipt of the enclosed Resolution, we will send you the other, heretofore, "confidential" material regarding the present litigation in the Court.


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Yours for Justice,







Please find enclosed:



(1) Minutes of the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association Executive Council.


(2)  List of Individuals Who Received Wage Adjustments made from Second Tithe Fund.


(3)   Resolution - Waiver-Retainer Form.


(4)  Letter from Second-Tither Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists, with "Bequeathment Certificate" attached.

(5)    Letters and Telegrams from individual Second Tithers over the World Field.



Mt. Carmel Center

Waco, Texas



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                                            (held in the parlor of the Rest Home)

                                                        Mt. Carmel Center

                                                            Waco, Texas


                                                 February 6, 1955,   1:30 P. M.


The Council was called to order.  J. O. Conrad prayed for the success of the meeting, and that the right decisions would be made.


The secretary then read a letter (filed in safe) from Mrs. Florence Houteff, which called the attention of the Council to sever requests made by V. T. Houteff before his death.  After some discussion it was moved by C. W. Helman and seconded by A. Quackenbush that we indorse only Requests (1) and (3) and delay the action on (2) and (4) until the next meeting, possibly to be held after V. T. Houteff's funeral.


The requests above mentioned are as follows:


(1)  That in case of V. T. Houteff's death which would automatically leave vacant the office of President, Mrs. Florence Houteff be appointed to fill the office of Vice President;


(3)  That T. O. Hermanson be appointed a member of the Executive Council.


The vote on these proposals was unanimous.


Regarding Request (2), "That someone be appointed to succeed Mrs. Florence Houteff as Secretary," it was moved by J. O. Conrad that we ask Mrs. Houteff to recommend the person whom she would prefer to serve as the Secretary of the Association.  This motion was seconded by A. Quackenbush, and was carried unanimously.


A motion was then made, seconded, and carried to adjourn until 8:00 P.M., February 7, 1955.  The meeting was dismissed by Brother Quackenbush.


Members present:

M. W. Wolfe

G. W. Saether

Mrs. S. Hermanson

C. W. Helman

A. Quackenbush

J.O. Conrad

M.W. Wolfe., Ass't.  Chairman

G.W. Saether, Ass't.  Secretary



signed: J.O. Conrad, Secretary                                         



Mt. Carmel  Center


The chairman explained the object of the meeting that it was to ascertain from Bro. Berolinger personally what it was that he proposed to present to the people on the following Sabbath (On April 4 Bro. Berolinger came to the meeting of the field workers and students and announced that he had something to say.  At that time he stated that the field workers were not accomplishing anything and that they were not equipped to do anything.  He announced further that he was to have the meeting next Sabbath.  Since that time he has told others what he is going to say and now the Council has met to hear what he has to say.)


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Bro. Wolfe prayed for wisdom and the right spirit during this session of the Council.


Bro.  Berolinger: I'll tell you all I know.  A voice came to me and told me that a reformation was needed on Mt.  Carmel.  The voice told what the reformation was.  The voice told me that the hunters were not to go out to the field.


The voice also told me to go to Sr.  Houteff and tell her to have Harmon return the literature to Mt.  Carmel.


The voice has come to me on many occasions in the past.  When Bro.  Capuzin was here and we had the uproar Bro.  Deeter told me to take the meeting.  The voice told me to take my notebook with me and I did that and what I had for the people was just the right thing for them.  Whether you call it the Devil, or mesmerism or not, is left with you.


Bro.  Wolfe came to me this week asking me questions but the spirit told me not to answer.  The voice told me that they should study Micah 6:9.  I don't know what it means or what the consequences will be but I answered Bro.  Wolfe more than I should.  He didn't have a pencil and paper and didn't write anything down and I don't think he remembers what I said.


Sr. Houteff: You've been here a long time and have been in the message for many years.  How did the voice operate at the the time in Escondido when you accepted the Shepherd's Rod?  Was it not your study of the Shepherd's Rod that convinced you that it was truth rather than a voice telling you to believe it?


Bro.  Berolinger: Dr. Roller and Bro.  Bingham came when I was away.  My wife and I decided that we would put it to the test.  If they returned the next day it would mean that it was correct, if not, that it would be wrong.


They did not come back the next day, and so when they did come I put them out of the house.  I was angry.  The voice told me, Why don't you study the Rod?


It was pointed out to Bro.  Berolinger that since it is the Office that sends the hunters out it was his duty to tell us what he has and that he should have good reasons for telling us not to send out the hunters, for we cannot follow everyone's ideas, but must have good reasons for what we do.  To this he insisted that the Voice told him not to talk.


Bro.  T. O. Hermanson: We want to hear what you have to say about thehunters.  If you have something for us we want it and so why don't you tell us.


Bro.  Saether: That kind of a voice was it?  Did your wife hear the voice?


Bro.  Berolinger: This was not an audible voice, it was the voice of the mind; my wife didn't hear it.  Mt.  Carmel has never accepted any reforms.


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Bro.  Saether: There have been several "reforms" on Mt.  Carmel since we have lived here.  There was the reform of Elder Wilson in 1938.  You believe that that was a reform?


Bro.  Berolinger was rather contemptuous of the '38 "revival".


Bro.  Saether: Then there was another "revival" in the School that was promoted by Bro.  Deeter.  It was when Byron Campbell was the leader of the student body.  Bro.  Houteff said at the time: When any one puts on a "revival" you can make sure that the spirit which promoted it did not come from above.  The Shepherd's Rod message is the true reform and the others are counterfeits.


There have been other "revivals and reformations" but I am thinking, of the one promoted by Srs.  Huddleston, Juergen, Marie Smith and Denski.  We all know how that was and what the results were.  It was their idea that Bro.  Houteff's work was finished and that an old man back in Pennsvlvania was the new leader.  But these ladies pulled out after they had made a start and had been given free rein to demonstrate what they had.


More was said in regards to these things and when Bro.  Berolinger said, "You are going to railroad me off the hill!" Sr.  Houteff said that that had not entered into the minds of the Council at all; that it just wanted to find out what he had for the people.  When Bro. Berolinger later said that the voice had told him not to say any more, Bro.  Berolinger was asked what he was going to say then that would, as he said, require the time of two or three Sabbath services.  He had no answer to this question.


When Bro.  Hermanson asked, "What is the solution?" Bro.  Berolinger said, "It is hard to say.  The voice said not to say and he left the room.


It was the consensus of opinion that the question was closed and the matter should be dropped.


Members present:

Mrs. Florence Houteff

M. W. Wolfe

C. W. Helman

A. Quackenbush

Mrs. S. Hermanson

J.  O. Conrad

T. O. Hermanson




Mrs. Florence Houteff, Chairman                                   



J. O. Conrad,   Secretary                                                

per G. W. Saether, Ass't. Sec.         

G. W. Saether________________


Dear Council Members


I have chosen this means to bring to each member the following recommendations, that each may find time to prayerfully study the Leviticus, pages 3 to 20, and the A.A. pages 190 to 199.


Page 5


Now that we are but an Association of Davidian believers I believe we are to be governed, and govern, by the Constitution and By Laws, as given in the Leviticus and illuminated by the Spirit of Prophecy.


Although we can be glad that there has been harmonious action on the part of Carmelites, yet, this alone does not guarantee success.   The problems confronting the church, especially the leadership demand intelligent action, and this is dependent upon understanding.  For instance, the council were told that it may be necessary to borrow money, to carry on our building program.  But when only the few know the financial standing of the association, how can the entire council act intelligent upon such matters? as seems best that they should.


We should not look upon all criticism as destructive or, our critics as enemies, Or for that matter should we hold our judgment superior to our brethren in the field and expressions have come from them why it is that our Association does not give a regular financial report, and have an assistant treasurer? as seems to be the admonition given in Levitcus  page 17, last par. and par. 21, par. 1-2.  This is not a matter of council feeling satisfied with our present set-up.  If others can point out a better policy, then we should be open to adopt it.


And in this matter let us abide by the advice we give the Mother Church- "Do not ask, from whom does it come, but is it a sound policy?"


Lot as ever remember that "Even the best of men, if left to themselves will err in judgment," God has spoken to us through His Word and it we are faithful in this outlined study we can with enlightened minds meet in council for recommendations that will please Him.    I  thank  you,   







Mt. Carmel Center

Waco, Texas


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Held in the Office of the Vice-President

1:30 P.M.   May 4, 1955


The meeting was called and J.O. Conrad prayed.


The chairman now presented the agenda for the meeting by stating that there were two important problems up for consideration but that the Council should first consider the letter which Bro.  Quackenbush had written to the members of the Council.  In order to get the opinion of each member the chairman asked the members what they understood in regard to this letter.


One thought that the Council ought to meet and go throgh the Leviticus and ascertain what it means.  The author of the letter thought that the members did not have time enough to make a careful study of the points.  It was evident that all members had not given as careful thought to the subject as they might have.  The letter is attached.


The chairman emphasized that she had stated in the meeting of April 26 the report made was only a partial one but in the next meeting the full facts and figures would be brought in including such items as income tax so she contended that the last part of paragraph three was not well taken.


In the letter, mention was made of the need for an assistant treasurer.  It was explained that both the treasurer and the vice-president are authorized to sign the checks, and it was also explained that there is a very thorough check on the funds coming in and also going out.  In other words there are several assistant treasurers.  And any time that any one wants to he may audit the books or the Association can hire an auditor to make the audit.


It was intimated by A. Quackenbush that if there is any question that information is being with-held from the Council that the Council should have, then a convocation of the people would be called to settle the matter.


The Council members expressed themselves as believing that with  Bro. Houteff's death a decided change in the status of the Executive Council had taken place and that the Council should decide all issues and that the voice of the people should be followed.


As it was decided that this question needed further study the chairman presented the next problem, that of J. O. Campbell in Salem, South Carolina.


In communications with the office he has stated the following:


Sr. Wessel has had her home near the Rest Home up for sale.  The Home with the land cost the Wessels $12,000 but they are willing to sell it for $8000.  The house has a kitchen, living room, bath, two bedrooms and a large attic room upstairs.  There is a well on the place 159 feet deep and water system which costs $1200 to install.



Mt. Carmel Center

Waco, Texas






Held in the Office of the Vice-President

7:45 P.M.   May 7, 1955


The meeting was called to order by the chairman and Bro. Quackenbush and Bro. Wolfe were asked to pray for a true meaning of the work of the Council and the Association.


The chairman then endeavored to  clarify the questions which were brought in the Council meeting of May  4  by the letter of Bro. Quackenbush to the members of the Council.


In order to do this the chairman  stated that we were being governed by the Leviticus with its consitution  and by-laws.  She then read from the Leviticus, pages 5-8 Art.  IV Officers and Their Duties.  Then the chairman read from Patriarchs and Prophets pages 315 - showing the failure of Aaron as the assistant of Moses to carry out the will of God as directed by Moses when he was absent from the congregation.  Instead of carrying out the will of God he listened to the desire of the people and thus brought about a fearful rebellion among the people wherein the whole camp became engaged in idolatry and 3,000 lost their lives.  That there is a great similarity in our work to that of Moses and Aaron should be evident.  The chairman said that she did not want to follow the example of Aaron and follow the will of the people.  It is a very difficult thing for one at the head of the work not to yield to the demands of the people.