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Was Sr. Houteff acting in accordance with the instructions of the Davidian message when she took upon herself the authority to call the meetings of the Executive Council after Bro. Houteff's death?




Yes, definitely, she was, for the following reasons:


She was a member of the Executive Council, appointed by the President of the Association and Chairman of the Council.  See L.D. p 9 Sec. 3 (a)


The Executive Council has administrative power between sessions.


She was the wife of the Chairman of the Executive Council and was left in charge of the affairs of the Association during the President's illness.


As the antitypical prophetess of Isa. 8:3, Sr. Houteff was the mother, so to speak of the 42 months (Mahershalalhashbaz) child.  She conceived the idea of the 42 months in talking to Bro. Houteff on Rev. 11. His death on Feb. 5, 1955, marked the conception of her idea, and 9 months later, Nov. 9, 1955, the infant was born.  See 11 S. Code 1, p 13:3.  The 42 months reached from Nov. 1955 to the Passover, the night of April 22, 1959.


Bro. Houteff's death was also a sign that another child, or the beginning of another movement, (Immanuel, Isa. 7:14, - The Branch THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, Jer. 23:5, 6) would be born, since the Spirit of Prophecy was removed from the church.  See 12 S. Code 1 p6.  For further information on Isa. chapters 7, 8, read references listed in the Davidian index concerning these chapters. Also read the Branch manuscript, "Signs and Wonders in Modern Israel", #s 1, 2.




God rained terrors on Mt. Carmel and Carmel withered (Amos 7:4; 1:2).  See Branch letter #3, p 1, Oct. 7, 1955.


General Conference dropped their Sword (Eze. 30:20-22).  The Branch taught this is the Autumn of 1959.  See Special Testimonies, Series B #7 pp 19, 20.


Concerning Turkey in their "shake-up" a few years ago, some were of the opinion that Turkey would go communist; but the Branch writings showed that they would accept the protection again of the Allies.  Read "The Judgment" pp7-9, May 5, 1960.

In 1958, the Branch chart of Lesson #3 shows that the wound would be healed in 1960 in the United States, but the General Conference must first drop their Sword of Truth, the Third Angel's Message, before the wound could be healed.  And this they did, when they studied with the Evangelical publishers and then published the book "Questions and Answers on Doctrine" which contradicts the basic fundamental truths of the Advent message.


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There will be political asylum for Sabbath-keepers in Palestine during the great time of trouble.  The Branch has opened up the way for you.  The twig is planted on the mountains of Israel (Eze. 17:22, 23) and there are houses waiting for your occupancy.  See 1TGr 8 p25:3.  You may go now and take your possessions.  Later it will be necessary to flee without your belongings.  Act fast, the Sunday laws are declared constitutional.  "Great changes as soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones." 9T 11.  "Behold the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him." Matt. 25:6