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Survival for the Human Race

The following tractate of Torah and prophecy was written by the renown Messianic Rabbi Isidor Zwirn, of Gendale, California, USA.   In the early 1980s Branch SDA members in Glendale were blessed to attend Rabbi Zwirn's Sabbath afternoon studies, meeting in the conference room of the local SDA Union headquarters in Glendale.  I was blessed to attend two of these wonderful meetings with Rabbi Zwirn, hosted by the SDA archeological society, located on the grounds of the SDA Union Conference headquarters.   Rabbi Zwirn was an orthodox Jewish Rabbi, until he accepted Yahshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel, Messiah Ben (son of)  David.    Lois Roden published this study booklet in 1982, very much appreciating the Torah wisdom of Rabbi Zwirn.  It was distributed and shared widely at the time in The Branch publications outreach with-in Adventist world.  Rabbi Zwirn was not a "Branch-Davidian", nor was he a Seventh-Day Adventist.   We were, nevertheless, brothers in Israel, family in Zion.



This is the first of three pamphlets.
The Second: Christian Roots in Abraham.
The Third: The Christian Role in the Plan of Peace.


January 1982
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Rabbi Isidor Zwirn proves that the Torah states clearly enough that time is running out for the human race as we have known it and taken it for granted over the centuries.

He comes as a scholar-peacemaker and cries out for peace between Christian and Jew in accordance with the supreme wisdom of what the prophets have written in the Old Testament, the Torah.

He is more a scientist than a theologian. He excerpts the universal truths of the Bible to which no reasonable person can disagree. That is why they are universal truths. They do not depend on one's belief system.

That hundreds of millions of people have come to believe that the Old and the New Testaments are two parts of one book, regardless of their need to believe, should evoke some respect for this reality on the part of all people, even among those who claim to be secularists and humanists.

Even the atheists must give serious thought to the proposition that the Torah has been responsible for more love than hate, for more stability than instability. And this can be attributed to its teachings and wisdom as well as to the Spirit of God in it as claimed by those who "believe."

As a believer I am grateful for knowing Isidor Zwirn, first for the sweet soul that he is, and second for the zeal he has about imparting the most important messages that beg to be revealed in the Torah. He loves both the Christians and the Jews. He loves the entire human family including those who have turned their backs on God.

While in charge of religious education in a Conservative synagogue, Isidor began to wonder why all this hatred for Jesus among the Jews? After two years of studying the prophets, the synagogues, the churches, and the views and feelings of people generally, he came to the conclusion that there was far more potential ultimately for love than for hate or indifference.

All that was needed was for Jews to research their own book and to come to their own conclusions. He has therefore endeavored to compile this pamphlet of excerpts and annotations to encourage them to rely on the Torah, not on him, or on any other person, no matter who that person may claim to be. In essence, the Torah is the author of this pamphlet.


This and other pamphlets to follow are dedicated to the Jews who do not know from whence they came and why they are here and where they are going after death.

EIN K' TORAHTENU in the Hebrew means that there is no book like the Torah. NES TZIONAH in the Hebrew means the miracle em­blem of the eternal Jew, and God's miracles it represents. It is now the emblem of the State of Israel, the official seal of the parliament, the Knesset.

What Jew will not be moved by the promise to Abraham made 4,000 years ago: "Those that bless thee will be blessed; and those that curse thee will be cursed." What Jew can deny the promise to Jacob on his deathbed: "The tribeship will never depart from the Jews."

Many Jews will agree with Moses: "Whenever Israel will become rich and fat, they will become rebellious."

That Isaiah could prophesy the holocaust of the ten Northern tribes of Israel and their exile, and their return, will amaze many in deed.

Then there are all those who know that the State of Israel and its NES TZIONAH were predicted by the Old Testament prophets.

The above were sufficient for me to undertake this project for the benefit of those who were like me not so long ago, I found answers when I researched the Scriptures. These answers gave me joy and hope so that I could glow when I sang the HATIKVAH of Israel, which is the hope for mankind and for the world, through the Torah's plan of peace.

The Jews have been chosen to be a people of light: to stand for peace, justice, liberty and fraternity.

There can be no more important reasons for doing what I have sought to do with my life. And this I share with all you dear readers.


















The essence of Jewishness was more evident before Jews became successful and Americanized. They used to teach their young that Torah was far more important than money and goods. The use of Torah as the source for sound information was the common practice. Then the essence of being a Jew was to be a light to the GOYIM, the gentiles. But as this practice stopped the entire world went into dark­ness and confusion. It was as if all the astronomers became astrologers The task of returning to Torah will be difficult.

in Hebrew means "it shall be revealed to you." You can consider the word, "directions," as an approximate synonym. The directions of Torah are obvious from the following: "All its paths lead to peace;" "Torah restores the sour and "the fear of Yehovah is purifying." One can readily see how even the most simple-minded can benefit from such directions, from such insights.

Torah teaches the difference between light and darkness, as follows: (1) For you light up my lamp, Yehovah. My God will light up my darkness (Ps. 18:29); (2) They do not know and do not understand. They who walk in darkness undermine the foundations of the earth (Ps. 82:5); (3) In darkness He shined light upon the upright, the gracious, the compassionate and the just (Ps. 112:4); And I shall bring the blind on roads they never knew; on paths they never under­stood shall I direct them. I will make darkness into light before their face. And the crooked things straight; these words I will do (to prove to them) that I will never forsake them (Is. 42:16).

Torah thus teaches directions and definitions. "Light" is enlighten­ment and "darkness" means ignorance about life and what is going on.

Torah teaches us the difference between life and death, as follows: (1) For you have delivered my soul from death; lo my feet from stumbling. To walk before the face of God in the land of the living (Ps. 116:7); (2) I place before your face the road of the living and the road of the dead. (Jer. 21:8); (3) Your dead shall live, my shriveled ones will rise. Arise and sing ye that dwell in the dust. For thy dew is as the dew of light; and they shall marvel at the healed (Is. 26:18); 4) For you will do wonders for the dead. If the healed will arise they will praise you (Ps. 88:6); (5) For I gave them rules and taught them My regulations. So that if men obeyed them they would be alive through them (Ez. 20:10).

Moses claims each of us has a choice: "This very day I have placed before your face the choice of the living and the good. Or choose death and evil." He thus gives each man the responsibility for his choices.

The Torah's different names for God is very significant: Elohim is the essence or the Spirit of the Creator, comparable to the soul portion of our body and soul, comparable to the mother side of nature and the Creator. Yehovah is the body part, the father side of the creator, that which does the actual carrying out, as in the creation of the universe. Then there is also Yehovah - Elohim, that in-between architecturing between spirit and substance, as it were.

Adonoi, meaning my Lord or our Lord, came into use partly as a result of the Inquisition, when Jews were ordered to give themselves over to Jesus, our Lord.

Christians believing in the Trinity, the Triune Godhead, thus be­lieve in Elohim (God's Spirit in them) and Yehovah (Father God in Heaven) and the Son of God, Jesus, the Messiah, the lord of their lives, Adonoi.

How much difference between Christian and Jew? Perhaps honest research will reveal that there is less difference than had been thought between a real Christian and a real Jew. If this is true then the basis for unity rather than disunity is truly at hand.



The plan of peace according to the prophets who spoke in the name of Yehovah can be seen to be working itself out in these two peoples of the book. This is the same book in the case of the Torah, the Old Testament. But the Christians have added the New Testament. And the Jews have added the Mishna, the rabbinic teachings about the Torah, the written law. The Mishna goes back about 2,000 years as does the New Testament, at least in terms of the oral beginnings.

When the Jews take out the scrolls of the Torah they proclaim: "It is a tree of life to all who uphold her; and they that support her be­come enriched. It's ways are ways to enjoyment and all it's roads lead to peace." How Christian this is! In fact, the Hebrew word for Chris­tian is NOTZRIM, the same as preservers, guardians.

And when the Old Testament prophets speak of Ephrayim or the tree of Joseph coming together with the tree of Judah, then both Jew and Christian need to ask themselves: "Are they talking about the coming unity of Christians with Jews? Then it must stand to reason that the Messianic Age cannot begin before this happens, and the sooner it happens, the sooner will there be peace on earth and good will towards all men.

Let us take only four of the prophets:

(1) Ezekiel: And when the children of your people will say to you, what do these two trees mean to you, say to them — Says Adonoi ­Yehovah: 'Behold I am about to take the tree of Joseph with the tree of Judah and make them into one tree. And one king shall be over them and they will no longer to two nations, nor remain divided any­more' (CHap. 33).

(2) Zecharia: And I will strengthen Judah and bring salvation to Jo­seph. And I will have compassion upon them (Chap. 10:6).

(3) Hosea: Yet the children of Israel will be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured or numbered. And the children of Judah and the children of Israel shall be united. They will appoint one leader over them, for great is the day of Yizrael (Chap. 2: 1).

(4) Isaiah: The envy of Ephrayim shall cease and those who vex Judah will decease. Ephrayim will not envy Judah, and Judah will not vex Ephrayim. Together they shall cut off their enemies... (Chap. 11:13).

God has told us that every dot and word of their predictions will come to pass. And isn't it wonderful that we have this HATIKVAH to work towards and to look forward to? Anyone who has worked in an interfaith group knows that it is indeed wonderful.


The laws of nature and the laws of God are mutually consistent. King David said: "Those who research Yehovah will never lack the good which our Creator offers" (Ps. 34:11). It is not only through science and the arts that we can achieve the good things in life, but as the "good book" says, it is only by going up to Yehovah's Mountain­top that we can "beat our swords into plowshares so that nation will no longer lift up swords against nation, nor study warfare any more."

It is not by might and power but by being a light to the "goyim." And this light is to be put on top of the bushel, not under it. Just like any scientific theory, the light must stand critical examination. Yes, "come and let us reason together."

Let us start with the ten most fundamental laws or eternal truths:

(1) The stone which the builders rejected has become the corner stone. This is Yehovah's doings; it is marvelous in our eyes. Hear ye O' Arabs, Allah is the everything. Hear ye O' Israel, Yehovah is the one and all. Blessed, blessed be the glorious name of His Kingdom Come forever.

(2) And now Israel, listen to the Laws which I teach you to do, So that you shall live to inherit the earth, which Yehovah is giving you. Do not add to my Laws; neither shall you subtract from them. Just be careful and watch your very soul, lest you forget all these words and laws. For they are your wisdom and rationality, before the eyes of all people. Justice, justice shall you pursue; and you shall inherit the earth. Those who cleave to Yehovah, your God, are all alive today. In mercy he will bring the "dead" back to life. When we end tyranny, He'll send us our Messiah.

(3) For He being merciful will not destroy the least unit of his perfect unity. Yehovah will bring us salvation on the day we call upon the King.

(4) For goodness sake, every single second, He recycles all his parts, out of that which was there in the very beginning.

(5) The earth shall be full of his knowledge and glory, as waters fill the sea. They shall not hurt nor destroy, within all my holy mountain­tops.

(6) The unrevealed are still with Yehovah our God. The revealed are ours and our children, to do all the works forever of this Torah of Yehovah.

(7) The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Yehovah. Great intelligence comes to all who obey him. His praiseworthiness stands forever. I will thank him with all my heart.

(8) Should a man make gods for himself; then for sure they are not the living God. Therefore I will instruct them; and they shall know that my name is Yehovah.

(9) Should these my laws ever depart, then the seed of Israel shall cease. If by day and night my covenant is not with them, the laws of heaven and earth are not mine.

(10) Yehovah, the God of the Zionists, will live forever, in every generation, Halleluyah. Then our eyes shall see the Kingdom Come, as recorded in the songs of thy mighty ones.

The above ten Biblical universal truths can be paraphrased to be more vernacular, more understandable in everyday terms:

(1) This can be seen as the law of the conservation of energy and matter. Yehovah will continue forever and is everything.

(2) We can never reach the Kingdom Come of peace if we violate God's laws given to us through Moses and the Prophets.

(3) God wishes everything and everyone saved, undestroyed.

(4) Everything is in eternal movement being guided by the Master Planner.

(5) Mankind discovers bit by bit the Creator's Master Plan.

(6) To learn only a part at a time of the Master Plan is part of it.

(7) Without the awesome fear of the Creator we are filled with the fear of men and things of all sorts, even fear of the irrational.

(8) Irrational indeed is the attempt to create a part that is greater than the whole, than its Creator.

(9) There is no greater confirmation of these laws of God than that there is no God and no Israel without them.

(10) And we will have the Messianic age with them, for eternity.



Baruch Spinoza, the Dutch philosopher (1632-1677), saw the great profundity of God's eternal Spiritual and natural laws. He saw the Bible's entirety in accordance with the wondrous plan of man and nature, which included the wisdom of both the Old and the New Test­aments. His writings offended the rabbis of his day to the point that they ex-communicated him.

And here again I have selected but ten of his profound propositions;

(1) Nature or God is a thinking thing. God is also an extended thing.

(2) Besides God, no substance can be, granted or conceived.

(3) Whatever is, is in God. And without God, nothing can be.

(4) God and all its parts are eternal, and cannot be constrained by anything.

(5) God works solely by the laws of His own nature.

(6) God is the indwelling and the self cause of everything.

(7) God and all its parts are eternal, and each part has an essence (a purpose in God's plan).

(8) God is the cause not only of all things, but also of their essence.

(9) In' God there is the idea of His essence; and all things follow from His essence.

(10) The existence of the parts and their essence are one and the same.

Annotations to the above propositions of eternal truths:

(1) Here we have Elohim as pure thought and Yehovah as the exten­sion.

(2) Something cannot be made out of nothing, nor nothing into some­thing.

(3) Nature is a perfect unity.

(4) Not only is our Creator eternal but all parts are planned eternal.

(5) Along with Moses, every word from Yehovah is law.

(6) Every cause has effect.

(7) Those who do not understand God's purposes are most confused, therefore.

(8) The one living God is the cause of all purpose and essence.

(9) The essence of everything conforms to its purpose forever.

(10) The essence cannot be separated from its body.

The excommunication of Spinoza was protested by many of the rabbis at the time. They objected to the book-burning in effect.

This may have been one of the reasons why Albert Einstein called himself a "Spinoza Jew."

Both of these great men saw God in all the laws of the universe. These laws are so simple. Yet, they are so difficult to understand. By going back to the beginning, to creation, we can see God's infinite role in the universe and in terms of our finite minds.


All that exists, can exist only through the male and the female principle. Chapter Four presented the physical or male aspect of the universe. This chapter endeavors to present the metaphysical or female aspect of our cosmos. I had alluded to this duality in distinguishing between Elohim and Yehovah.

There are three stages to creation: BERIYAH in Hebrew means to give essence to or to give purpose to; YETZIRAH means to plan or to architect; ASS/YAH means to complete the production process.

Let us begin at the beginning of the Torah:

"In the beginning, Elohim BERIYAHED the heaven and the earth." (giving purpose and essence to heaven and earth) "And the earth was in chaos and disorder." (giving it order) Elohim continues its part of the creation of the universe, and in line 26 of the Torah, in Hebrew, we have:

"Elohim said, let us (obviously talking to Yehovah) make man in our image, of our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea; a id of the fowl of the air, and the cattle, and over the earth, and every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth."

And in lines 27 and 28:

"And Elohim essenced man in their likeness, in the likeness of Elo­him was man created; male and female were they created. And Elohim blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it...'"

From the above we can abstract four truths:

(1) The three stages of the production process.

(2) The stages of progress from chaos and darkness to order and light.

(3) Everything created has its environment or containment to protect it.

(4) The law of opposites as a compound one or ACHUD, in Hebrew.

Just as Elohim made every evening to have a morning and they be­came one day, YOM ACHUD, so must everything in life have its counterpart. There is a negative and a corresponding positive for every­thing.

We know that opposites coexist, such as good and bad, high and low, black and white, pain and pleasure, etc. We all start out with that Adamic nature in us and God the Father seeks for us to grow out of it.



Atheism and agnosticism, including the isms that they produce, such as Marxism, are systems of perception and understanding. They are theologies against Torah. They stand for the opposites referred to in the preceding chapter. They deny the order and the harmony that are the general manifestations and revelations of ALLAH is ILLAH, Yehovah is God of all. They still cannot see that they themselves are their own punishments, their sinfulness, even as they lead others into diverse temptations and destructions.

Anti-Torah theologies and belief systems go along with Jewry from Hellenism to German Reformism in that refusal to be that essence, that light to the GOYIM. It is no wonder that the world is filled with darkness and confusion and the absence of liberty. All we need to do is to look at the frightening Moscow-Muslim axis seeking to devour the two peoples of the Book, the Jews and the Christians.

JIHADS in Hebrew are those who seek to destroy those "who pro­claim liberty upon the land and to all inhabitants thereof" (from the Old Testament) and those who profess "for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (from the New Testament).

The fourth of the five books of Moses is BAMIDUR and tells us about the forty years the Israelites were lost in the desert. Moses took them out of there and delivered them to the promised land. This is not only a piece of land but it stands for the HATIKVAH, the ideal of peace, justice, liberty and fraternity over the face of the earth.

The anti-Torah religionists establish their own religions, their own morality and their own religious establishments and sects that make a mockery of the supposed separation of church and state. Their value systems permeate every aspect of their activities, directly or indirectly.

Their most powerful weaponry is negativism, the attack, like a coiling serpent. That they have nothing positive to put in place of what they destroy is irrelevant.

Between atheism (without God in the Greek) and agnosticism (un­known in the Greek) a new god emerges, that of probability, chance, rather than living and universal truth. And from this we take but a short step to God is Dead and to Anything Goes, etc. Thus, if God is not anthromorphic then He cannot see and cannot hear, etc. We end up with a Reconstructured Judaism among the Reformists that denies the God of Torah and that Israel is God's chosen.

Each of us must choose between luck and law, between accident and "Whatever is, is in God!" Choose between the science of creation and the science of evolution, between the noble and the mutations. Yes, choose between coming out of nothing or coming out of the pure thought and design, the essence of Elohim, the Spirit of God.

Choose to join the revolt against Yehovah by creating gods that have no eyes to see, or ears to hear your prayers; or choose to return to the prophets who revealed the ONE LIVING GOD to mankind. He designed every part of each and every one of us and owns all our eyes and ears.

Choose those who tell us that we are not to be a light to the GOY­IM; or choose those who have revealed to us the Miracle Emblem, the seal of the Knesset, the seven golden lights and the two olive trees, which represent the eyes of God and the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.

You can start living today with the HATIKVAH of our prophets who teach: "How beautiful are the feet of the messengers who bring the good news to announce the coming of peace and the coming of salvation or Yeshuah, that say to the believers, the true zionists, 'Your God Reigns!'"



With God His light is the might and the power. "Not by might and power but by my Spirit (or light)." This is the essence of the Miracle Emblem of Israel. Zecharia describes it and promises that God, the Father, will be sending messengers to unfold the plan of peace hidden in the Golden Menorah and the Two Olive Trees.

The Torah is clear on this power and might in the light of Yehovah. Moses said: "Arise Yehovah and your enemies will scatter. And they that hate you will flee before your face. For out of the Zionists (those who seek to climb to the Mountaintop of Zion) will the power of Torah flow." This is recited every time the Torah is taken out to be read publicly. It comes from different parts of the Torah: Numbers 10:35; Is. 2:3; Ps. 34:4.

And there is so much more: "All haters of Zionists will be ashamed and run away" (Ps. 129:5).

"All of them will be ashamed and confounded. Together they went after humiliation, and painted imagined pictures. Israel, thou art saved by Yehovah with everlasting salvation. Until the end of time you will not be ashamed and humiliated" (Is. 45:16,17).

This salvation is an everyday affair. Moses teaches how Jews are to resolve their conflicts: "If an unrighteous witness rises up against any man to bear perverted evidence against him, then both men in this controversy must stand before Yehovah, the priests and the judges of that time. And the judges shall research diligently; and behold if the witness presented false evidence; then falsely he has testified against his brother.. ..Thus shall you burn out evil within thy midst" (Deut, 19:16-19).

From this commandment was developed the DIN TORAH, the judgment of Torah, where disputants with the public invited brought out their grievances against one another. Non-Jews have envied this custom. Franz Joseph of Austria openly praised these courts of Jewish jurisprudence. But with increasing secularization and atheism among our Jewish people this valuable practice has virtually disappeared.

The Jews cannot be a light to the world without Yehovah and His Miracle Emblem, the seal of Israel. The prophecy of "a remnant will return" is tied to "If you return, O' Israel, why not return unto me." Therefore, why not sing the following song to the Hebrew tune of OD TIRAH, OD TIRAH, and if you can sing it in the Hebrew all the better:

You will see, you will see, just how good it will be when Yehovah returns to the Zionists!

You will see, you will see, just how good it will be when Zionists return to Yehovah!

Liberation has come to the Zionists and to its repenting returnees.

And this is my covenant with them sayeth Yehovah

And the words which I placed in your mouths shall never decease

from the mouths of your seed and the mouths of your seed's seed.



We have been alluding more and more to the proposition that the Jews must return to Yehovah, the God of all, including the Jews and the Christians; and when we find out by our research who the Chris­tians are, or have been then we will come to feel that God of Love. We will come to know the meaning of NOTZRIM, defined in the Hebrew dictionary as "Christians and also as preservers, guardians."

In this pamphlet we lay the groundwork for this research and we end by raising the question, "What about Jesus?" If the answer to this question produces love rather than hate then we are to survive as a race according to the prophets. With this possibility it is most advis­able to share our thoughts so that each can come to believe with love and not with hate or fear of the others who believe differently. We can tolerate others who tolerate us and see how they are seeking guidance for their everyday living just as we are.

Therefore, the relevance of religion can become much more than a guide to everyday living but to survival itself. And the symbol of the Mogen David and the Cross, together, should not evoke hatred among Jews, because both Christians and Jews need to stand united if we are to face our common enemies and be victorious according to Bible prophecies.

The common enemy of both Christians and Jews is currently the religion of Communism which has destroyed tens upon tens of millions and is clearly the greatest danger facing the world today. Any Jew who is still lamenting the crimes of the Inquisition, the Russian pogroms, the German holocaust, without at the same time being actively involved in opposing the religion of Communism is either advertently or inadvertently acting against man and God. And the same is true for the Christians who have narrowed down their interests to their denominations or to their individual churches.

The religion of Communism includes all its Muslim allies, as well as its religion of atheism. Those who practice these anti-Torah religions will believe any lie and anything they are told to believe, no matter how outrageously stupid. They are not motivated by reason and even by self-interest. They are motivated only by force and fear. Once they are caught, it is irreversible without a return to Yehovah, the Father, and to Elohim, the Spirit of God, the Mother-counterpart.

The Gospel according to Matthew contains wisdom that no Jew can deny:

(1) Let your light so shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father (5:16).

(2) But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who perse­cute you. In order that you may be sons of your Father, who is in heaven. For He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good. And sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous (5:44,45).

(3) Therefore try and be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect (5:48).

(4) Pray to your Father in secret and He will repay you openly (6:).

(5) Forgive men their transgressions and the Father will forgive you (6:14).

(6) But that day no one knows; not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone (24:36).

That Jesus does not know when the Messiah will come sterns from Moses having said that it is for the chosen people to do the will of the Father, to attain the goal of peace, justice, liberty and fraternity. Yes, "not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of the Father (7:21).


The very existence of synagogues is threatened by the absence of membership and of attendance at services, and this is especially true of the youth. It has been estimated that only about one out of five Jews goes to the synagogue, even occasionally. In the two largest sects of Judaism the House of Prayer is attended but two or three times a year.

Yet, Jews join all sorts of sects outside of Judaism, and they inter­marry and leave the synagogues for good. Jewish leaders lament these facts but they do not see the basic causes, most important of which is their own unbelief and lack of God's love. They have also lost the love of knowledge, of researching the wisdom and the truth of Torah.

Then how can the Jews become lights to the GOYIM?

If we do not know how to dedicate ourselves to the search for truth, how can we be the lights to dispel darkness, and confusion and hate?

Just as there are the so-called dead churches, there are the dead synagogues where the members join to have customers for whatever they are selling, like insurance, etc., or to look for suitable mates for their hopefully-to-be-married-off children.

Nevertheless, the essence of the synagogues is to enable the Jew to choose intelligently between life or death, between those who will live and those who will die, in accordance with what is written in the book of life. It is to choose the blessings of light or the curses of darkness.

Synagogues can begin to make the Bar and Bat Mitsvahs the accredi­tations they were supposed to be according to Torah, that the pearls of wisdom of Moses and the prophets have been imparted. The sham of parroting a few verses that are not understood must cease.

The synagogues can be the centers for combating the disease of atheism, agnosticism and reconstructionism, rather than to feed the diseases by psychologizing ad nauseam.

The synagogues can restore the Spiritual to our people, to give back our souls in effect, our HATIKVAH, our spirit and our hope. Our humanitarianism is not believable without a returning to the God of our ancestors. Our morality is fragile indeed without the continuous support of our Yehovah.

The GOYIM should say: "Yehovah has opened their graves and put His Spirit upon His people so that they live. And placed them on their own land and they know that I, Yehovah, said it and performed it; a certainty of Yehovah."

The synagogues can begin to see the NESS of Israel, the Miracle Emblem, as embracing all people of goodwill. It is the banner of both Jew and Christian becoming one people as they had once been. This is the last stumbling block to the Messianic Age.

Finally, I will close this chapter by a few quotes from Torah:

(1) A stranger ye shall not wrong, nor oppress; for ye were once strangers in Egypt.

(2) If the stranger live with you, you shall not do him wrong. Love him as thyself.

(3) Do not hate the Edomites, for they are your brothers; nor the Egyptians for you were foreigners in their land. Children born unto them on the third generation shall enter the Assembly of Yehovah.

(4) Divide the land by lot for an inheritance for you and the stranger amongst you. In the tribe which the stranger lives, shall you give him his inheritance.



The Jews and the true Christians that suffered and died by the world's holocaust will testify that it can happen again, virtually any­where but especially in the tiny new State of Israel. The people of that small area defended themselves against the hostile Arab neigh­bors from the time of its inception when the armies of seven Arab nations marched against them. The miracle of their victories should convince the world that God must be in it.

But God can be a punishing God as well as a compassionate and forgiving God. The enemies of Israel, enriched and empowered by their oil cartel, are far more formidable now than at any other time in recent history. Jews and the Christians who consider themselves to be Spiritualized Jews or Spiritualized Israelites, had better not turn their backs on God. The German holocaust was warning enough.

The tyrants of the world know that the two peoples of the book must go; they must be destroyed once and for all, and their book with them. How tragically ironic for those who keep fighting the battles of the Inquisition and the distant past when the real battles are here and now with the most ominous reality of all time, the Moscow-Muslim axis.

The peoples of the countries of this axis are even greater victims than the peoples they seem to conquer and subdue. The supposed vic­tors have never had freedom. The vanquished have at least had a taste of freedom and a taste of believing in God, which may not ever be taken away from them. But be that as it may, the enemy is tyranny. And there is no greater means to combat this tyranny than to raise the banner of the Torah, the Miracle Emblem of the NESS, of the Messiah.

Moses laid down some basic principles for the Lion of Judah:

(1) Adonoi-Yehovah will not do a thing unless He revealed His secrets unto His prophets.

(2) Woe to the prophets who follow their own spirit and woe to them who follow their advice.

(3) And the man who beats any person mortally shall surely be put to death. And if he maim his neighbor so shall it be done to him. One judgment shall be for the stranger and the homeborn; for I am Yeho­vah your God.

(4) If there be any man who hates his neighbor and lies in wait for him; and smites him mortally. And flees into a city of refuge; then the elders of the city shall send and take the murderer back. And deliver him into the hands of the avenger, so that he die. Thine eyes shall not pity him. Thus shall you burn out the innocent blood from Israel; so that it shall go well with you.

Thus, Moses taught us how to deal with evil that can overtake us and weaken us and corrupt us to the point where we help the hang­man tie the noose around our necks. Moses knew how corruption from within a society can be the greater enemy than the enemy with­out.

Moses warns us in no uncertain terms: "If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law of Torah, then: plagues will follow, dis­eases of Egypt will return, every sickness will fall upon you, you will be scattered among the nations, and you will have no rest with a trembling heart and no assurance of thy life." The fighters in Israel know this.

But now we must follow all of what Moses has taught us and what the father-in-law of Moses told him over 3,000 years ago. This gentile told him that he could not do it alone. How true today! And how wise today when there are millions of Christians