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The Shepherd's Rod Message


The publications of The Shepherd's Rod, authored by Victor Houteff from 1930 to 1955, founder of the Davidian SDA Movement, are often quoted in the Branch Publications by Ben Roden and Lois Roden. To view the Shepherd's Rod quotations in their full context, you may access one of the Shepherd's Rod organizations at the link below.   All Davidian organizations today are NOT "Branch-Davidian" by name, although we share a common history in the Movements.  The Branch Message and Movement came after the Davidian leader, Victor Houteff, died in 1955.  The Branch Message came in the latter part of 1955, through Benjamin Roden.  Most Davidian organizations in the web index make available The Shepherd's Rod Message on-line, in print, or a free download.  

Many of The Shepherd's Rod organization(s) websites have much to offer in video and audio studies online, numerous publications, health info, Spanish content and historical information of the 1930 Movement, and more, which the author of this site encourages each viewer who is seeking Present Truth to avail himself or herself.   The Shepherd's Rod Message is the second of three sealing messages for the 144,000 of Revelation chapter 7 and chapter 14:1 (Rev. 3:12, Early Writings 15) and is important to read, to know, and understand for this time.  May you be blessed in your search for that which is eternal, and not perishable.  

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Recommended link to Victor Houteff's publicaitons - The Shepherd's Rod Message.

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