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The 430 Year Prophecy

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Every message of Truth since 1831-1844 and 1930 through today has had the element of TIME connected to it, that is, PROPHETIC TIME.   In the Millerite Movement of the early 1840s it was the TIME prophecy of Daniel 8:14, the 2300 days prophecy, revealing 'a day for a year' time period that was to end in 1844 in The Advent Movement, the Second Great Awakening Movement of the early 1840s, a message of prophecy that Jesus was to return soon, beginning on the east coast of the United States, yet proclaimed worldwide, in Europe and other parts of the world at that time.  These messages were based on the Book of Revelation chapter 14, the first phase seen in verses 6 through 9, and the second phase from verses 15 through 19, a total of SIX ANGELS messages,.... not just THREE angels, but SIX.   There is a SEVENTH ANGEL (message) brought to view in Revelation 18:1,2.  Seven is complete.  Seven messages total, from 1844 to the present day. 

Beginning in 1930 another TIME element came into fulfillment based upon the prophecy of Ezekiel 4:4-6, a total of 430 years, a time prophecy that was NOT a "test" of time, but rather an identifying mark of a new message based upon the Protestant Reformation, that was revealed to the messenger "at" or "after" the event of its fulfillment, hence, not TIME "test".  These fulfillment dates, or years, from 1930 were based upon the key dates of the Protestant Reformation beginning with Martin Luther, John Knox and others (1SR127).    These key date-years were 1930, 1955, 1960, 1977 and finally 1990.  There was one other fulfillment of time that was directly connected to the year 1990, as was taught by Lois Roden of The Branch Movement, from 1977, presenting a message of the Person and Office of the Holy Spirit upon the earth (8T251).   

The above chart gives details of the time prophecy fulfillments from 1930 to 1960 which are the foundation of The Branch Message (Zechariah 3:8), a Message and Movement for our time based on TIME and TYPE from Abraham to Martin Luther: 

Lesson No. 3
July 10, 1958
Benjamin Roden  


To present the historical facts connected with the Reformation so that we can clearly discern these different phases of its growth which are separated into three periods beginning with: 1500 - The year Luther discovered the Bible, commencing revival in his own life to prepare him for the work of the Reformation. (2TGr.39:18; 1 SR109:1) 1525 - The beginning of Luther's Reformation - when Luther had a following: the city of Worms having accepted the Reform faith. (FUNK & WAGNALL'S Enc. under "Worms") 1530 - The time the Protestant confession of faith was drawn up: The Augsburg Confession - when read before the Diet of Augsburg, gave the crushing blow to the Papacy, causing the infliction of the "deadly wound". (1SR109 :2 C: 2SR212-213 )

THOUGHT: "Dr. Martin shook the foundation of Rome's claims upon his life by two radical steps… writing the ninety-five theses and taking a wife. His mental break with Romanism came when he placed the theses on the Castle Church door, but it was not until he married that his physical severance became complete." (1525) "Martin Luther - God's Man of Destiny", Miller, p. 106 "This (marriage on June 13, 1525) was the real beginning of the Protestant parsonage, which has showered the world with the choicest blessings." "Martin Luther", Dallman, p. 253

"The Protest of Spires (1529) and the Confession at Augsburg (1530)...marked the triumph of the Reformation in Germany..." Great Controversy, p. 211:1 In the study of this chart we would first call your attention to the fact that the Reformation in Luther's time came in progressive stages. In general terms the whole movement was called ?the Reformation,? but it consisted of various phases of development. There was a period of revival connected with it in which God chose Luther and prepared him to act his part in bringing a message of truth to the people of that day. As the Reformation was plant-like (2TG46:22), it had to have its periods of sowing, growth and harvest. "No one settles upon a raw piece of land with the expectation that it will at once yield a harvest. Diligent, persevering labor must be put forth in the preparation of the soil, the sowing of the seed, and the culture of the crop. So it must be in the spiritual sowing." Education, p.111:2. On these starting dates (1500, 1525 and 1530) commence both Ezekiel's and Abraham's prophecies of the 430 years. The 1500 and 1525-dates are based on Ezekiel's prophecy, while the 1 1530 date deals with the perfect fulfillment according to Abraham. They run parallel and are the same length of time. According to Ezekiel, the time of the unfolding of the Shepherd's Rod message (the sealing of the 144,000) is determined (2TG39:17,18), also the predicted reformation (2 S.R. 275:2) or the time of the marking of Ezekiel 9 (1SR116:1). Abraham's prophecy overlaps that of Ezekiel (2SR275; 1 SR222:2) and reveals to us the perfect fulfillment of 9 (2SR275), the purification of the church (1SR116:2). The dates 1525 and 1530 are definite and historical, but 1500 is indefinite and is derived from coincidences providentially arranged.

Notice how Bro. Houteff calculated 1500:

"To find exactly the beginning of the 430 year period we must first find the year the period ended ....the year in which the Spirit of Truth unrolled the scroll and brought in an abundance of Divinely inspired, pure and unadulterated Truth leaves of Autumn... dropped everywhere among the Laodiceans .... "This message, as some of you already know, began to unfold in 1930. Hence, if we subtract 430 years from 1930 we are taken back to 1500, the time Martin Luther's call came, the time he began to study the Bible, the time he started to prepare for the work of the Reformation..." 2 TG39+17, 4:1. "We may suppose the 390 year period began in about 1500 A.D. (when Luther found the Bible), and ended in 1890 A.D. where the 40 year period began, which would end in 1930. However, we cannot point out the exact day or month, or even the year, because (1) we do not know the exact day, of the call of Luther; (2) prophecy deals with the Jewish, or perhaps the Hebrew year, therefore, it is a matter of months that we cannot determine. It may run until 1931, or even after..." 1SR116:1 The Shepherd's Rod did not commence at a definite time like that of the beginning of the Judgment of the Dead on October 22, 1844. Notice 1930 and 1931 dates on Shepherd's Rod charts are not exact, not definite. "The message in the Shepherd's Rod did not come all at once: it is the result of Bible studies for almost two years. These studies were presented to a company of believers from Sabbath to Sabbath." Symbolic Code, Vol. 10, No. 7, page 4, May, 1955


The Shepherd's Rod Movement being based on indefinite time (as was the First Angel's Message in Miller's time) laid the ground work for the predicted reformation and prepared the people for the coming of the "another angel" (Rev. 18:1), thus being Divinely appointed to herald the great and dreadful day of the Lord: the Judgment of the Living. 1525.…and.....1530 - definite starting points of the Reformation, Funk & Wagnall's Encyclopedia, under "Luther and Worms". 430 …..and…..430 ADD 1955….and…1960 - DEFINITE termination points of 430 year prophecy. 2 "These types were fulfilled, not only as to the event, but also to the time. In like manner the types which relate to the second advent must be fulfilled at the time pointed out in the symbolic service." GC399. We are thus to give the trumpet a certain sound.


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